Hi every1!

My name is Natalia, but friends call me Nina, which is my middle name. I’m an artist/ graphic designer. Just a quick background info: I’m from Brazil, but parents are Korean. Now here’s the real deal:

My interests: I can honestly say that I Love LOve LOOVVE -fashion, Art, color, make up, music, youtube makeup tutorials, perfumes, shoes, clubbing, hiking, nail art, fun accessories, yelp, LA Artwalk, snowboarding, amazon, sephora, and LADY GAGA!!!!! Just to name a few.. you will see throughout the blog posts that I do love many things!! ^^

I’m really excited to share my ideas, interests, and thoughts with you about everything that I find cool. And I’ll also be reviewing some products(beauty,clothing, shoes, accessories) that I love. I like to be inspired & inspire others. I’ve never blogged before, but I’ll do my best to deliver them with much Luv! Be ready to enter an incredible journey inside our blog. Buckle up & have fun! kkkkk

*Thank you, Tinna (my dear friend), for getting this blog started & giving me the oportunity to be your co-blogger!

Lots of love & take care,



About ninatinnablog

in love with beauty, fashion, art and life.
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One Response to >>Nina<<

  1. tinna says:

    Cute pic Nina!!!!

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