Tinna: Introduction

A little bit about me:

Korean and Chinese, born and raised in California. Work/play in Los Angeles, CA. Some of my loves include: makeup, beauty-related items, my cat Fox =^.^=, eating, dance, construction, puppies, online shopping, electronic dance music (all inclusive) and snowboarding.

For this blog, I plan to focus on product reviews, written or video hauls and my endless search for the perfect skincare products while sprinkling in random posts about anything beauty/fashion/art-related. (p.s. I’m not fashion-savvy or art-savvy whatsoever) FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by any company and any products that I mention are ones that I have bought with my own money and considered with my honest opinion, unless otherwise noted.

Relevant facts about me :    Body I’m 5’6″, 125 lbs (might as well be honest right? haha), size 28 (I got me some child-bearing hips). I underwent two cosmetic surgeries: eyelid surgery 2 years ago and breast augmentation 3 years ago. Hair I had a digital perm done to my hair about 8 months ago. My hair is long and dye-free.  Skin Overall I generally have a medium skintone that burns easily. I am not sure but I have been told that I am medium with yellow undertones. I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily if I use the wrong product. My t-zone is relatively oily for the most part of the year but during the wintertime, my cheeks get really dry and flaky. I don’t usually get big pimples except maybe one when I’m about to get my period. I have a lot of little bumps, mostly on my forehead. I have minor scarring on my temples from 5 years ago when I broke out really badly (I think from stress of my engineering classes). Fashion I honestly have no fashion sense. I’m not creative when it comes to picking out my outfits. (Nina is the fashionable one!!) I like skinny jeans [Rock n Republic, Seven for All Mankind, True Religion] leggings, black/purple/teal/gray clothes, my knee-high flat boots, Nike dunks, boyfriend cardigans, minimal jewelry. Aaaand that’s about it.

My Fox!


About ninatinnablog

in love with beauty, fashion, art and life.
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