Tentative D-I-Y Project: Body Chain – successful! Cost: $20

Do you want a cool accessory, that is very edgy, unique and hipster?

Or you just want to upgrade your old, boring, or even broken necklaces?

Or maybe you just want to get a body chain, but you can’t find it anywhere, except for expensive brands like Bliss Lau?

If your answer was Yes, you should definitely try this: D-I-Y Body Chain

Please note: this is just an example of many different designs you can create. It’s not a step-by-step tutorial.

The Bliss Lau‘s body chains are awesome, but also very expensive. So I decided to make one.

In my opinion, it  came out super chic, just the way I wanted. Best of all, it doesn’t look cheap.

THis is a fun project if you like to be creative and crafty. Big plus: you will save a lot of money.

Getting started: I took one of my draped chain necklaces from Forever 21, and I think it cost around $10 or less, and I bought a 5-piece plier set from Auto Zone for $9.99.

I’m not an expert in jewelry making, but I was able to get the job done in about 2 hours. It’s really easy, you just need patience, really.

I also used some jump rings to connect the chains, which I got from my old broken necklaces. And some clasps and/or closures as well.

Here’s the finished product, hope you guys like it. I think it’s a cool accessory that is unique & hipster, and definitely inexpensive, compared to Bliss Lau’s body chains.


*The body chain will look cool if the necklace has different chain styles, which will give you more variation on textures.

**But it will also depend in how creatively you can drape them around your body (e.g. : around your neck, waist,  or even shoulder, arms, legs, etc…)

The finished product is very stylish, and edgy. So I’m thinking  to wear it for New Years or anytime I feel like wearing it. Either on top of a sexy tight dress or a one side draped tunic top.





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