NEON EL wire outfits

Last year I went to Coachella, and it was truly- a memorable experience. What caught my attention the most was to see M.I.A. and her dancers perform wearing these neon lights on their body, which provided amazing visual effects.

These neon lights a.k.a. “El wire” lights are sold by They can be custom made just for you. How exciting it is to see that they actually sell these to the public. 🙂

New years is approaching.. so here’s just an idea of what you can wear to stand out in any crowd. By the way, guys can now have a COOL outfit for Halloween without looking tacky.

Some other celebrities that wore EL wire lights:

Overall Instructions: 1) these lights are not washable. 2) they work better in dimmed lights. 3) battery packs can also be customized to hide somewhere in the garment or accessory.

Price: $10 to $20 per foot wire. Simple jacket outlines can range from $100-200. Top to bottom outfits would probably end up around $1000. It really depends on how much EL wire you will need.

Plus: they DO sell ready to wear stuff on their website.




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