NYX Cosmetics

I will shamefully admit that I am a brand snob. I only like to shop at Sephora, MAC, Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s. Snob.

But no more!!! My recent obsession has been YouTube makeup tutorials and I recently learned about this company called NYX Cosmetics. I was skeptical at first because when I checked their website, all of their products were REALLY cheap. But hey, if my favorite “gurus” use NYX then I must use NYX! lol

Purchase # 1 – The NYX website was having a 50% off everything sale a couple of weeks ago and I figured that was a perfect way to introduce myself to NYX. I just opened it 30 minutes ago! All these items came out to be about $30, excluding S&H. I didn’t have time to do swatches yet but I can do that in the future. I did try on the red lipstick and it was extremely creamy and rich in color. Just a quick overview – (3) lipsticks, Smokey Eyes eyeshadow palette, (3) eyeshadow pigments, (3) lip pencils, highlighter powder (Mosaic) and a fan brush.


Purchase # 2 – Coincidentally, Hautelook had a sale that included NYX Cosmetics. [Hautelook is a site that has limited time sales of brand name items at discounted prices] I ordered a trio of blushes at 40% off that totaled approximately $13.

The quality is great and the colors are REALLY pigmented. So pigmented that I got excited and put some on with a stippling brush and I looked like a clown. Oops. Must..Practice!! (P.S. Desert Rose is pretty dark)


Purchase # 3 – Last week I saw that Ulta was having a sale on NYX – buy 1 get 1 50% off. Sweet! I ordered two eyeshadow palettes – “Champagne and Caviar” and “Jazz Night”, $9.99 each but one was $5.00 because of the sale. The colors are gorgeous and pigmented. I’ve been using Champagne & Caviar daily as it great for everyday/subtle/neutral looks. The colors are mostly shimmery except for the white, beige and black. I have not used Jazz Night on my eyes yet but I swiped a few of the colors and they came out beautifully.


Purchase # 4 – I was at an Ulta store so I decided to go see the NYX section and picked up a few items. I didn’t like paying full price for them since I know the NYX website has good sales so I could only bear to buy several things. I’m not cheap but I definitely do not like to overpay. I bought a lip gloss, a lip pencil, a jumbo lip pencil and a lipstick. I haven’t used any yet but I did swatches on my hand at the store and again- beautiful, creamy and pigmented.

Conclusion: SOLD! I love NYX Cosmetics- particularly the lipsticks and eyeshadows. I wouldn’t give up my “higher end” cosmetics but I definitely feel comfortable sprinkling in NYX into my collection.

Price: Very cheap but the quality of the products greatly surpass the low prices. Plus, NYX has great sales on their website so definitely try to catch one of those sales.

Recommended for: makeup newbies, beauties on a budget, aspiring makeup artists and makeup junkies.

Where to buy: Ulta, Urban Outfitters and the biggest selection is on their website. **Update** NYX made an announcement that soon you can find NYX Cosmetics at Hot Topic.


I hope this helped if you are a NYX-virgin or if you are looking for quality cosmetics at a lower price.


♥ Tinna


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3 Responses to NYX Cosmetics

  1. Gisela Rocha says:

    I have always loved NYX but I had a hard time finding places that sold it…I live 15 minutes from Ulta and Urban Outfitters..yay! thanks for the tip!

    • I’m so glad to have helped! When I went to Ulta, there wasn’t a huge selection because many of the items were sold out. It was good though to see the consistency and whatnot of the items that were there to give me the confidence to purchase more products online. 🙂

  2. Tinna!!
    This is an awesome post on NYX cosmetics!
    I def want to try these stuff!! the price is unbeatable!

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