Fall 2010 Trend: Rose Gold Watches. 5 starssss

They’re such a big hit!

Here’s some options that I have researched online: 

Rose gold boyfriend watches are awesome and certainly nostalgic. Gold with a hint of rose pink color with oversized dial. My new love. ❤

I wanted one SOOO bad that I decided to buy it as a X-mas gift to myself. (I’ve been good this year, I promise)

After so many hours in the search of the perfect watch, I finally made my final decision after trying on this one. 

It is the perfect style, size, nice quality watch for me. I got this stylish Marc Jacobs watch at Nordstrom, for a little over $200. I actually ended up paying much less since I had a $100 birthday gift card. 😀

 All I can say is that I… a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y LOVE this watch so much! I bought it a couple of days ago & already received many compliments at work today. I couldn’t be happier, It’s totally worth every penny! And it does look more expensive than it actually is.

I wish you could see the color in person because it’s so much prettier, and it looks like one of those $1000 watches.

I definitely recommend this watch, as a gift or for yourself (plus: it comes in a very elegant box too). You won’t regret it, I promise!!!! I am not a big fan of watches, but this one is a MUST.

I forgot to mention, that even though it is a big watch for my small wrist, I can wear it all day because it is not heavy! I just had to take out about 3 links so that it fits well.

I have finally found and invested in a perfect watch for this Fall/Winter season. My new love.. I will wear it all day, everyday… 

Happy Holidays!



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9 Responses to Fall 2010 Trend: Rose Gold Watches. 5 starssss

  1. the real question is..are you going to let me borrow it???? lol just kidding!! Great choice Nina, it’s sooo pretty!


  2. rochelle says:

    love this. i’m totally inspired! thanks ladies!

  3. Helen says:

    I’m not a fan of watches but this one is very pretty! 😛

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  5. 2011bestyear says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch! I also spent hours browsing and was between the Michael Kors and this Marc Jacobs. Finally decided and couldn´t be happier. This color is gorgeous and goes so well with my platinum wedding band (yellow gold watches didn´t make a match so this is a great option). Girls, GO AHEAD and get your own. This one is a winner!

  6. kate says:

    just purchased this same watch and am in LOOOOVE! i’m not a fan of gold, but the rose gold is so pretty…not at all gaudy like yellow gold can be sometimes!

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