Gifts idea for co-workers: Butter Socks!

Tradition: every year I give a little present to my co-workers. Just a nice stocking stuffer to make everybody happy, including my Over the last few years, I have given key chains, mugs, chocolate and candies.

Well this year, I came up with a new idea: butter socks! I L-O-V-E these socks!! Lately I’ve been wearing them every night before going to bed because it’s so cold in my apartment; or even in long road trips and specially in airplanes when I travel. They are so comfy, warm and perfect for winter time!

I wrapped these fluffy socks individually with these wrapping papers red, and green ($1.99 each), added name tags ($1.99), and tied a cute bows around using colorful ribbons ($2.99) [All from Walgreens]


The butter socks, also from Walgreens (@ Pico + Robertson), were a -> steal! A set of 3 pairs for just $5.99! It was cheaper and cuter than the ones they sell at And also, at Nordstrom, I saw them selling each pair for $15. That’s too much, seriously.
Well for my dearest co-workers, I chose to give the double-layered ones, which are even more comfy! And just a bit more expensive, only $3.99 (each pair)

Pretty cute & simple. Yet, effective!!
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any  link on these stuff on their website. Walgreens is right next door from where I live, so I just happened to pass by there over the weekend and surprisingly find these.
Whatever your gift options are, if it is chosen from your heart whoever receives it, will certainly appreciate! Anyways, who doesn’t like to receive gifts, right? Crazy people maybe? lol

Good Luck & Merry Christmas!



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