Great Weekend Bag / Carry-On Luggage: Dakine

I decided literally just yesterday that I need a cute and spacious bag that I could use for a weekend trip or to carry on my makeup, camera and other essentials on the airplane. To date, I’ve been stuffing my stuff into my boyfriend’s duffel bag (Sorry <3). I learned my lesson when the airline “lost” our luggage and I didn’t have any of my beauty stuff in my carry-on (luckily it showed up the next day). I was perusing my favorite website, when I found the perfect bag!! The Dakine ValiseI was torn between the satchel and this bag and I finally chose this one because it had the extendable handle and wheels. I’m very happy with my decision! I checked on Southwest’s website to see if the size of this bag complies with their restriction on overhead carry-on luggage and it’s “technically” one inch too long but I highly doubt that will be a problem.

It has a zippered pocket on one side and 3 stretchy compartments on the other side: 

And to show you how big it is: 








It’s pretty heavy even with nothing in it so I’m sure I will mostly pull it on its wheels. I LOVE this bag and I can’t wait to use it this weekend!

Price: $95.00. I bought this on from Dogfunk (they have their own website too). Remember I said I ordered this yesterday? Yes that’s right, I received it today! Free shipping too! Boo-yeah!

Other places to buy: I don’t know where you can physically purchase this but other websites include the Dakine website, (cheap, next day shipping) and possibly other online retailers that I do not know of. I suggest Backcountry or


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