Jeffrey Campbell’s Clinic – back in stock!!


Clinic $179.00 (free shipping + $0 tax)

Click here to get the Black Clinic

Yesterday I was browsing the internet, and I remembered that I’ve been wanting these Clinic shoes for a long time, but they were sold out everywhere. That always happens with JC shoes anyway… So.. I decided to double-check on Ebay and online stores, and luckily I was able to find them! YES!!!

I’m so glad to have found them again~ Solestruck carries a huge selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes/ boots. Including many other shoes to die for….

Here’s some of their new JC badass wedges & booties:

I totally agree with this girl who commented in the JC shoes reviews… “Every girl needs a JC Clinic in her life! ”

JC styles are amazing…for sure.

I ended up buying my Clinic – in size 6, because they didn’t have my size: 5. I read some reviews that this pair do run a little big. But that’s ok, I could just insert a few cotton balls in the front to fill up the empty space, which usually works great on fitting my feet in larger shoes(specially in flats). So there you have it: a secret-problem-solver for people with small feet like me. lol

Ohh I’m so excited!!!! I can’t wait to try them on. I will see if I can update this post later with some pictures of my own shoes and I’ll let u know how comfy they are.

Check out their website:

Happy shopping!


PS: I finally got a picture with my JC Clinics! Nice shot, thank you Christina! ^^

These shoes are comfy but after dancing with them all night long I had to take them off for a little bit to give my feet some rest… but I still love them!


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