Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

I have finally found the best body scrub/moisturizer for wintertime!

Click here to buy the 7 oz $38 @ Sephoraclick here to buy the 14.1 oz $65 @ Sephora

Thanks to my dear friend Carol, for giving me this wonderful birthday present! This cute set from Fresh came with the body scrub, body lotion, and a huge soap. I haven’t tried the soap yet; however, the body lotion is pretty good. They all smell pretty similar, but for some reason I think the body polish has a more delightful fresh scent. Some people may find the smell is a bit strong, but I really like it.

I’m really loving the body polish so far..
The aroma..yummm.. it’s so delish, that makes me want to eat it. It’s like a sweet brown sugar with honey & citrus oil scent.
Use: I pamper myself with this wonderful “aromatherapy product” applying on my body 2~3 times a week at night during shower. Just a little bit goes a long way. After that, I towel dry my skin and that’s it. Next day I wake up feeling my skin so silky & smooth.
Tips: I almost fell twice trying to get out of shower really fast. The floor gets really slippery from the oils.. so make sure you wash the floor really well after each use.^^
Say good bye to dry skin, forever! XD


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