Sigma Makeup Brushes

Sigma Makeup is a company that makes and sells a full line of makeup brushes along with various accessories. Many YouTube videos claim that Sigma tries to parallel itself as a more affordable “dupe” to MAC brushes, but nowhere is that actually stated or confirmed by Sigma. Many YouTube videos do reviews that include comparisons of Sigma brushes to its MAC counterpart.  Feel free to search on YouTube for videos that compare the two brands if that is the kind of review you are looking for as I will not be comparing the two in this post.

There are various kits available for purchase such as a complete brush kit or a face kit or an eye kit. I generally purchased individual brushes with the exception of the Synthetic Face Kit for $45 which comes with (3) really EXCELLENT brushes (in the teal bag below)Great packaging on arrival – all brushes come in cute drawstring bags along with brochures that explain the purpose of each brush. Also, all purchases over $30 come with a free gift, which so far have been travel sized eye brushes. Below is Sigma’s MAXBag, it is HUGE  (11″ x 14″) and comes in 3 beautiful colors.

I also ordered a brush belt to store my makeup brushes. There are 2 colors available, pink and black and each costs $29.00. They are not made of leather but my initial thought is that it feels sturdy enough. As you can see below, it can hold many brushes.

Conclusion: These are decent brushes at great prices if you want to start up a brush collection or if you want to expand your current collection (that’s me). The brushes start at $9/brush to $16/brush and the Synthetic Face Kit was $45 for (3) brushes. I will keep researching other brushes but I do like these overall. The quality is good and there was very minimal shedding, even though I have washed the brushes numerous times already. I highly recommend these brushes for anyone – makeup newbies and junkies alike! [disclaimer: I really love these brushes and recommend them, but I am not a makeup artist or any kind of expert.]

Where to buy: You can purchase from Sigma’s website and also from

Favorites: F80 Flat Top Kabuki is AMAZING!!!!!! It is soo soft, soo dense and it applies my liquid foundation like a dream. I have to say this is hands down the best brush ever and it’s “only” $16. Please. Get it. Amazing. AMAZING!! Also, I love the F70 Concealer brush. It’s a small concealer that is perfect for applying concealer underneath the eyes and on the sides of your nostrils. Love this brush! Lastly, I love the MAXbag! It’s so big and I can fit my brush belt and larger palettes in here (see pic below). There is a zipper pocket and 2 stretchy compartments inside. The color is just absolutely beautiful (teal, purple and black are available for purchase).

♥ Tinna


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