Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

It is very important to clean your brushes often. You will extend the life of your brush, reduce shedding, prevent product buildup and prevent dirty bacteria buildup.

What you will need: I use Sephora’s Purifying Brush Shampoo for weekly deep cleanings and I use Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner for everyday, quick cleaning. Many other brands offer brush shampoos – MAC, Smashbox, Clinique, etc. If you’re on a budget, you can use baby shampoo to wash your brushes.

For daily cleaning: Step 1– I spray the Daily Brush Cleaner on a towel. Step 2–  I run the brush back and forth over that spot on the towel. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each brush. I only do this daily for any brushes that I have used on or around my eyes. For face brushes, I will do this every other day or so.  The brushes dry fairly quickly so I put them back in my brush belt right after.

For weekly deep cleaning: Step 1– I wet my left hand and pump the Purifying Brush Shampoo into my palm (2-3 pumps). Step 2– I then wet the brush I am about to clean, careful not to get water in the ferrule (the metal part on the brush). Step 3– If it’s a rounded brush like a blending brush, I swirl it around in the shampoo to create a lather. If it is a more flat-shaped brush like my angled blush brush, I will run it back and forth, up and down until it creates a lather. Step 4- I put my hand under lukewarm running water and continue to swirl or run back and forth until all the shampoo has rinsed out of the brush. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each brush. I lay each brush flat on a towel to dry. You can hang them brushside down as well but never dry the brushes with the bristles up. Most brushes dry overnight and my more dense face brushes will need a good 24 hours to dry.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any useful brush cleaning tips!

**I’ve been seeing many online posts about cleaning brushes with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO as Rachael Ray would say). I’ll definitely try this and update this post with thoughts. I would think more people have extra virgin olive oil readily available in their house than baby shampoo.

♥ Tinna


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8 Responses to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

  1. fnkyluda says:

    I agree!! Brushes need to be cleaned often. I have a few instances where I did makeup for someone and did not get around to cleaning my brushes right away and they really lose their quality. I am a big fan of the sephora brand brush cleaner actually, and for some reason really like the smell of it too!

    • Right?? The Sephora brush cleaner smells really good!! 🙂
      Have you used Parian Spirit brush cleaner? I may try that one next but I still have a long ways to go with my Sephora cleaner.

  2. Gabi says:

    soh pra nao dizer q nao comento!! kkk
    mto bom o blog.. parabensss!! heheheh
    e falando nisso.. adorei esse post… ateh coloquei na listinha pra comprarrrr!! preciso limpar meus pinceis..!!! kkkkkk

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