Rock & Republic Cosmetics on sale!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow, December 24, 2010, Hautelook is having a Rock & Republic Cosmetics sale! If you don’t know what Hautelook is, it is a website  (you must sign up) that sells brand name items at a discounted price for a day or two. I’ve made two orders on Hautelook so far and I’m confident that this is a legitimate site.

Rock & Republic makeup is on the expensive side, so I am very very excited to see what will be on sale and for how much! I’ve read really good things about R&R makeup. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. On Facebook, Hautelook posted these pictures:

+ a few more.


I LOVE R&R jeans so I can’t wait to try their cosmetics. I’m kicking myself for not buying R&R makeup at their sample sale last month. *kick, kick, kick*

Woo hoo! I’d love to hear about what you ordered!!

♥ Tinna


**12/24/10 – 8:29 am.. I bought blushes, lip glosses and eye shadows. Such a sweet discount! Except for that bronzer/blush duo that is pictured above. $90, which was brought down from $220!! I just couldn’t do it haha**


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