Fashion Leather Harness

I feel in love by looking at this outfit..


This leather harness looks gothic and casual also, because of it’s pretty camel color. I found a very similar one at “garbagedress” shop from Etsy (price $90). This boutique carries a variety of styles and the designs are more boutiquey/ girlish..

click here to shop at garbagedress

(btw they’re soon opening a new website on 1/1/2011 called

I found another store called “tim8234” (also from Etsy). They have more gothic/ punkish styles.

Price: $24.99

click here to shop at tim8234

I might buy this one since it’s cheaper and just for fun, you know.

There’s also this one that is actually functional, which I think it’s great for outdoor events.

Free People:

Beryll Peacemaker Harness (black) $798

Runway Inspiration: Hermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-wear designed by Jean Paul Gaultier


Check out my post on the DIY body chain.

Do you like these fetish looking accessories?




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