Gifts for him: Scarf

I really love how David Beckham and Justin Timberlake accessorize themselves with scarves… They always look sharp and they are definitely fashion icon celebrities. For sure I’ve seen many people steal their look.

They were actually my greatest inspiration to create this post. And  Joey (Tinna’s bf) who requested me to post about scarves for guys, I hope this post can help you find the perfect winter scarf. ^^

I found 4 different styles that I really like:

Urban Outfitters: they have great scarves with great prices!

Click here to shop for Banana Republic scarves.

Click here to shop for Coach scarves.

Click here to shop for Paul Frank scarves.

Click here to shop for scarves at Nordstrom

In my opinion, the Burberry scarves are a must-have for people who love to wear scarves. The price is a little high, but they are high quality scarves, made with really soft cashmere.

Stay warm!




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5 Responses to Gifts for him: Scarf

  1. HAHA!! Thanks Nina!!!! I know Joey will appreciate this! :):):):)
    <3, Tinna

  2. oh and we’re both looking at this post right now..and I said out loud, “my favorite are the Burberry scarves” and then I read your statement “Burberry scarves are a must have”..great minds think alike!! 🙂
    <3, Tinna

  3. yay!! awesome choice!!!

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