MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Thank you to my secret santa for my “surprise” gift – a MAC gift card! Aka it was the only thing on my Christmas list. Thank you Angela!
I am currently obsessed with trying to achieve a flawless face with makeup. I think that working with a blank canvas to apply blush makes the blush that much more beautiful. I used to think that I would never wear face makeup but I finally realized that I had redness in my cheeks and around my nose that I had to neutralize. 
I have been using Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body Liquid Makeup for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it. It’s a water-based foundation, similar to MAC’s Face & Body, and it has very light coverage which was what I was looking for at the time. But now I want more coverage, give me more!
After a lot of online research, I finally decided on MAC’s Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. Why? 1) A lot of people I know use this powder. 2) Has great reviews on makeupalley. 3) Supposedly provides medium to full coverage. 4) Can be used as a setting powder over liquid foundation. 5) Easy and quick application in the mornings.
At the store, the sales associate applied Studio Fix Powder on my face with a large powder brush. I don’t know if it was the lighting or the intense mirrors in there but it looked terrible. It looked chaulky and I could see the little hairs and pores on my face. Ew. Then she applied Studio Fix Fluid on the other side of my face with a foundation brush and it was pretty! I really liked it. I bought both, even though I wasn’t thrilled with the Studio Fix Powder. I am determined to love it. Plus, MAC has a 30 day return policy.
Packaging: The Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation is in MAC’s standard compact. The powder opens up to a sponge underneath. I have no intentions of using that sponge. The Studio Fix Fluid comes in a glass bottle. If you want a pump, you have to buy it separately which I did. It is $6, it’s totally worth it.
Price: Both are $28 each and can be found at the MAC store or at MAC counters at various department stores.

First of all, when did I get all those moles on my face?? lol. I started by applying MAC Studio Fix Fluid on the bottom half and MUFE Face & Body on the top. The Studio Fix Fluid definitely has more coverage (obviously – Face & Body is water-based) but it applies very smoothly with my flat top kabuki. It’s not too thick or heavy but personally, I find it has just the right amount of coverage I was looking for. You can definitely build it up by layering more on. And as an FYI – the NC30 has a lot of yellow undertone to it.
For the MAC Studio Fix Powder, it applied MUCH better with my stippling brush. It wasn’t as cakey and thick as it was in the store. I kept a light hand as I stippled and buffed out the powder on the lower half of my cheek. I can foresee this being very easily buildable and if not applied carefully, way too caked on. Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer was something I had until I abandoned it for my MUFE. I still like it but I just haven’t touched it since my MUFE. *What a waste of money. When I went to link the tinted moisturizer, I saw how much it was. Oops.*


Sorry – I should have realized that the lighting was different in the comparison picture above. And I JUST realized my mouth turns up on one side and turns down on the other side. Weird. Awkward.

Conclusion: I need to use both products for at least a week before I can decide if I truly recommend either/both products. However, I can say that I recommend you try it out if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage foundation/powder. My initial impression is favorable and I don’t have any plans to return either yet. I think I like the Studio Fix Fluid better. I noticed that the powder smudged off much more so than the liquid – both when patting my cheeks with a napkin and when I rubbed both cheeks on my bf’s sweater. I’ll update with a more concrete conclusion soon!

Tips: Sigma’s F80 Flat Top Kabuki is great for applying the Studio Fix Fluid. You could probably use the stippling brush also but I really liked the stippling brush for the Studio Fix Powder. Always moisturize your face, let it dry then apply primer, let it set and then apply the foundation. You can use the Studio Fix Powder to set the Studio Fix Fluid. Wash your face every night!! **Update** I used my flat top kabuki to apply the Studio Fix Powder..definitely the best finish! **Another Update** I just tried applying Studio Fix Fluid with a beautyblender, A-MA-ZING! Love it! Try it if you want light-medium coverage. I will review it soon.

**UPDATE** I’ve only used Studio Fix Fluid fully once, for New Year’s Eve.

That night, I felt like that was the most makeup I’ve ever worn but after I got used to it, I liked the look. I also like the pictures and how the foundation came out in them. In the picture above, it obviously looks like I’m wearing face makeup but I don’t think it looks too thick (or does it? lol). I applied it with Sigma’s F80 Flat Top Kabuki. For a lighter coverage like for an everyday look, try applying it with a beautyblender (link in previous paragraph).

One more thing…I didn’t shop at MAC too much until recently so I was excited to take advantage of MAC’s Back 2 MAC program! Basically you bring in 6 used eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc. and you can get a free lip gloss, eyeshadow or lipstick! I picked a lipstick because one particular color caught my eye: It’s a Lustre finish and the color is Capricious. It’s so pretty!!! I really like plums and berries on me and this color is great because it’s sheer and I can wear it on the daily.


I clearly don’t know how to create short posts. Sorry!! I have just way too much to say 😉

♥ Tinna


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