Organic Spray Tan

I really wanted to get tanned these days so I decided to try the Airbrush tanning for the first time. It’s “organic” so I guess that it’s supposed to be chemicals-free? I hope so!

I went to Spa Nima in Westwood, since I got a special deal at (1 session for $9- cheapest-deal-I’ve-ever-seen-on-airbrush-tanning).

If you’re interested, check out the reviews on Yelp about this place.

I look better tanned, in my opinion 😉

bikini mark


-doesn’t damage the skin compared to sun tan

-doesn’t smell bad like regular tanning products

-no streaks

-no orangey look

-no allergic reaction


-doesn’t last long (1 week or 2, depending how often you shower)

-did not cover some stretch marks I have

-need to follow important after care instructions to preserve a good tanning look

-feels really cold while applying it (like a blast of air with mist)

-price: at least $35 for one session (most places)


I like airbrush tanning because it didn’t damage my skin and it’s not messy like the mystic tan (which tends to drip and cause streaks because there’s just too much solution being sprayed on you) My skin feels soft and smooth, and the color looks natural on my skin. I’m not quite sure how it’ll look on someone much more pale than me, for example Gwen Stefani.. (there are some places that can adjust the right color for your skin tone). I have fair/medium skin tone and it worked really well. I just wished it lasted longer…

Useful Tips: exfoliate your skin before tanning to make sure you get an even tan. But make sure your skin has been moisturized beforehand. Wear dark & loose clothes after the application, and use dark color towels to dry your skin after shower. Don’t exercise or sweat too much right after the application (it can rub off or cause streaks). Apply moisturizer every day after getting a spray tan.

Enjoy your tan without any damage of UV rays, excess wrinkle or dry skin.

Click here to read about how you can keep your skin always moisturized.




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2 Responses to Organic Spray Tan

  1. LOL Is that boyfriend’s in the background???
    Is the lighting different in your comparison picture or is the color change that drastic? Not drastic in a bad way, but it really changed your skin tone from yellow to … not sure what color. It does look very natural, very nice! Can’t wait to see it in real life tonight! 🙂

    <3, Tinna

  2. Yea, that’s gabe! haha
    Nope, the lighting is the same. It’s funny how I looked pretty yellow before.. kkkk
    Thanks Tinna!

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