My Diary… Chapter I

I’d like to share some things that I love to do.. at work.. where designs & imaginations come to life!

It starts out with a sketch..

I use illustrator and photoshop, for the magic to happen..

And this is what it looks like.. in Real Life.

Some close up shots… (hat: mom’s gift / ring & necklace: Forever 21)

Hope you like it ❤

PS: This artwork is copyrighted.




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in love with beauty, fashion, art and life.
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4 Responses to My Diary… Chapter I

  1. Hey Nina – that is amazing! Is it gratifying to see your artwork come alive on a shirt? Seems totally different but actually very similar, it is very gratifying for me to see my construction projects start on drawings and end up as real buildings! 🙂

    ❤ Tinna

    • Yea, that is true Tinna, I get really excited to see people wearing stuff that I drew.. it’s really gratifying!!!! I think I saw it like twice.. but that’s something right? kkkk

  2. Helen says:


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