Outfit Ideas: Casual chic

I like Forever 21, because it feels like they’re always on sale (pricewise), u know.   On the other hand, the styles are really fashion foward and most of the times the fit is junior and cute… That’s why I’m addicted to F21.

So anyway.. you can wear this outfit, during the day… and night also.. (btw, I love studs and black color outfits)

1. Studded Knit Tunic $19.80

2. Faux Leather Shorts $15.80

3. Light Pattern Tights $5.50

4. Classic Cloche Hat w/ band $12.80

5. Convertible Lace Bra Set $8.50

6. Quilted Pyramid Wallet $7.50

7. Lace up combat boots $35.80

8. Retro Rose Earrings $1.50

9. F8944 sunglasses $5.80

Total outfit cost: $104.50 (before taxes) Not bad.. for a total of 9 pieces!

If you get cold at night, you can layer a leather jacket on top, and for a quick stylish accent you can just wear a hat and you’re good to go~




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