D-I-Y vintage bracelet

I really like how Scosha bracelets look handmade, vintage and fun!

You can click the link above to purchase them. OR you can try this project at home (braided bracelet with cute charms). Once again I saved a few hundred bucks with another DIY project, YAY! And the bracelet came out really adorable.
Took me about 2 hours to finish it, and it cost me $0 (I used everything I had at home already). So basically all I did was braid, braid & braid.

Materials I used:
-plier set

-colorful cotton threads for cross stitch (not regular sewing threads)
-broken pieces of jewelry (e.g., rings, chains, clasp, charms, pearls)
I got inspired by this Scosha bracelet in particular, so I chose similar colors that I had, as you can see..
Process: Start out by cutting the threads (around 24″ for each color). Fold each string in half (12″). Then combine 3 different colors that you like, tie them together, and attach it on the table with a tape. Start regular 3-string braiding.

During the braiding process, you can just add the charms, along the way. When you’re done with all 4 braids, you can attach them all together, and then apply the rings and clasps at the ends.
To finish it up, I rolled a navy thread color around the 4 braids (right at the very end) so that it looks neat, and I also attached large chain links to give a more vintage finish. That’s it. Here’s how each of the four braids look like:

This is a very delicate bracelet, so I wouldn’t take a shower with it, or pull it out really hard… most of the things handmade are fragile.. so just be gentle with it~
Have fun and enjoy!


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3 Responses to D-I-Y vintage bracelet

  1. kimsoozan says:

    Nina you are soo talented and I just adore you! Go with your bad self.

  2. Joey says:

    I want an original, custom made Nina vintage bracelet!

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