My First Eyebrow Threading Experience

The art of eyebrow threading is nothing new, but I finally decided to give my eyebrows the desperate help they needed (trust me, they needed HELP).

Threading originated in India and it involves using a cotton thread to remove hair from unwanted places such as your eyebrows or mustache (he he). From what I can tell, the cotton thread twists and grabs the hair, pulling it from the follicle.

I went to Ziba Beauty Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I chose them based on their Yelp reviews and the convenience of the location. I was randomly assigned to Lila and I’m very grateful she ended up as my “threader” (what is the term?).

What I love about eyebrow threading:

  • Threading doesn’t damage the first layer of your skin like waxing does.
  • Threading allows for the hair to grow back thinner and more “freely”, allowing for easier hair removal in the future and preventing ingrown hairs.
  • Threading allows for greater precision when shaping your brows.
  • It was only $11 (+tip) for the session.
  • It isn’t painful! I was expecting some pain but it didn’t hurt at all. Some reviews say it is painful so perhaps it depends on your “threader” (???).
  • Not saying I love this, but FYI – you need to go back every 2 weeks for maintenance.

I’m so happy with the results! My eyebrows were really sparse so I’ve been trying to grow them out. Lila understood and made sure to shape my eyebrows to maintain their natural shape and keep as many hairs as possible. She assured me that within 3 sessions, she can fully fix my eyebrows (i.e. grow the hairs out, get rid of all ingrown hairs, etc.) What seems like a minor change really does change your face.

I made a promise to Lila that I will NOT touch a tweezer (bad habit of mine). I’m also excited because she used an eyebrow wax pencil on me and I really liked how it tamed my eyebrows versus an eyebrow gel. They were out but I will definitely pick one up next time.

I highly suggest you try eyebrow threading! I think that you’ll like it, as long as you find the right person to do it for you. If you’re in Southern California, check out Ziba Beauty Center! They have many locations. I especially appreciated the fact that she sanitized her hands before she began and then made me sanitize mine too! If you’re by Rancho Cucamonga, find Lila!

♥ Tinna


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8 Responses to My First Eyebrow Threading Experience

  1. Ohhh I wanted to try this too!
    Actually Gabe was super interested about it. (hehe)
    After we saw some videos on youtube about it, he told me to learn and do it for him.
    It seems pretty hard.. But I will tell him that you recommend it!

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