Understand why you have pimples — treat the cause instead of the symptom

I always asked myself.. Why do nasty looking pimples suddenly show up on my face..?

Well… Finally, I have found the best answer: MISHIO KUSHI THEORY (Face Reading)

According to this theory some of the acne that appears on your face, actually comes from a toxicity of certain organ or gland inside our bodies. (Scroll down to see the face map)

My mom always told me that some foods could cause acne (e.g. chocolate, sodas) which is actually true, in my case. But face reading? This is totally new for me!

I do believe in this theory though, that’s why I will share about my own experience..

[Image: http://www.marysherbs.com/heal/heal-f-r.shtml]

This is a girls face but I think it works for guys too (except for the ovaries and uterus? Sorry, I couldn’t find a boy picture) As you can see this face map shows different parts of the body. You can refer to this diagram to pinpoint why you have pimples or acne on your face, and then treat the cause.

Personal experience: A few months ago I had a weird allergic reaction on my skin, after eating seafood. My forehead and neck suddenly filled up with horrible cysts within 4 days! It was bad… I look at the diagram now and the forehead shows “Intestine toxin”, Bingo! How am I sure it wasn’t anything else? Well, at that time I did not change any of my make up or skin regimen, and my hormones were pretty much stable. Cysts don’t tend to occur on my skin, evar! So after a doctors visit, I was prescribed to take some antibiotics and apply a topical lotion. Thank God everything disappeared within 3 weeks. Besides that, sometimes I do tend to get pimples around my chin area right before my period. Then again, this diagram is correct.

I will definitely refer to this diagram, from now on. Feel free to click the link above to read about this article. I find it very interesting and informative.

I hope you can now understand why pimples show up in certain places, and hopefully try to get rid of them easily.




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