Haul: Rock & Republic Cosmetics

YAY! I received most of my Rock & Republic purchase from Hautelook! Hautelook is a website that has limited time sales of brand name items at discounted prices. 

R&R is one of my favorite denim brands but I never knew too much about their cosmetics. “Hollyannaeree” from YouTube raves about R&R blushes but they’re regularly $40! That’s a bit much for me. That’s why I was SO excited that Hautelook had a R&R sale and I even woke up early on a Saturday just so I can sign on before the sale started at 8 am. 

  1. Blush – $16.00 (sale price) X-Rated : VERY pigmented hot pink
  2. Eyeshadow – $11.20 (sale price) Skintight : a great highlight color, slight shimmer
  3. Eyeshadow – $11.20 (sale price) Paranoid : light electric purple with metallic shimmer
  4. Eyeshadow – $11.20 (sale price) Lawsuit : looks green with metallic shimmer in the pot but comes out metallic green-brown
  5. Lip gloss – $10.40 (sale price) Runaway : sheer pinkish-nude
  6. Lip gloss – $10.40 (sale price) Mistress :  it’s not actually as coppery as it looks in the swatch above, pretty shade close to Sexy Beast
  7. Lip gloss – $10.40 (sale price) Sexy Beast : comes out to a sheer plum on my lips
  8. For regular prices, check their website.

Packaging: The packaging is so beautiful, it’s basically their main selling point for me. I definitely do not want to depot these. The lip gloss caps/tops feel pretty cheap, however. It’s cute nonetheless and I like that they are long lip glosses instead of a short tube.

Prices: I would not pay full price for these but I am very happy with the deal that was offered on Hautelook.

Blush: Wow X-Rated is so pink and bright! You must apply with a very light hand and even so, it’s a little too pink for me. I plan to layer a neutralizing color over it next time I use this color.

Eyeshadows: The powder is very soft and the colors are gorgeous. My favorite is Lawsuit. I haven’t tested out their staying powder yet.

Lip Glosses: I LOVE the lip glosses! I’m very OCD about keeping my lips moisturized and not with just any product. It’s either Aquaphor, Rosebud Salve or a very juicy, non-sticky lip gloss. This lip gloss is pretty moisturizing and not sticky at all. The two times I wore one of the lip glosses I ate, so I can’t attest to their staying power throughout the day. The colors come out sheer on the lips.


♥ Tinna



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3 Responses to Haul: Rock & Republic Cosmetics

  1. I luuurve the hot pink blush!! the color looks super hot!
    do you like it?

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