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What is this pink egg-shaped thing? It’s supposed to deliver a flawless application of foundation, blush or powder? Interesting!

Bought it. Got it. Tried it. Loved it. Are you sold yet?

**update** 01/31/11 – I don’t love it as much as I thought I did!

Advertised pros:
  1. Ergonomic shape so you can use the larger end for overall face application and the pointy end for hard to reach areas such as under your eyes
  2. Because you wet the sponge first, it absorbs less product so you don’t have to replace your product as often
  3. Non-latex and hypoallergenic
  4. Non-disposable
  5. Eco-friendly because you can send your used beautyblender back for recycling
Packaging: The beautyblender comes in a plastic case which you should keep! It is recommended that you dry your beautyblender in the little holster that it comes in. I bought just one beautyblender so it came with a small sample of the cleanser and a little disc with instructions.
How to use: I wet the sponge under running water until it expands. I squeeze out excess water in a towel. I then put foundation onto the back of my hand and lightly dip the large end. I stipple or bounce the sponge and color onto my cheeks and continue stippling outwards. When I want to reach under my eyes or on the sides of my nose, I dip the pointy end into the foundation then stipple on those areas I’m trying to reach. After I am finished, I wash the sponge with my Sephora brush shampoo. I’ll be ordering the beautyblender cleanser soon. *[if you don’t know how to “stipple”, check out their video]*
Advertised pros vs. actual pros: I love the way the beautyblender allowed for a light to medium coverage when I applied the Studio Fix Fluid. I was very pleased with the finish. I utilize both ends so the shape is a big plus.
Cons: 1) I’m sure this sponge absorbs less product than other sponges or wedges, but it definitely uses up more foundation than my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki does. I’m not overly concerned with conserving my foundation so it is not that big of a deal to me but it’s something worth pointing out.        2) Another con is cost. One sponge alone is $19.95 (cheaper when you buy 2) and this is something you will have to replace every several months or so. The “every several months or so” is just a guess. If you use this daily, I’m sure that replacement date is much sooner. 3) Using the beautyblender adds several precious minutes to my routine. Because you stipple ONLY and not buff out the color as you would with a brush, it takes a little longer to finish applying the foundation. On weekends, it doesn’t matter but in the mornings before week, a few minutes is a lot! **update** Con #3 is turning out to be a big dealbreaker for me. I get impatient as I stipple my entire face. Even though I stipple with a stippling brush or with my flat top kabuki, I like to buff it out after stippling and you’re not supposed to do that with the beautyblender. Another con is washing the beautyblender. I wash it every time I use it but I find it takes a bit of effort to wash out all the foundation. This leads back to my lack-of-time issue.
Conclusion: Overall, I love this beautyblender and I definitely recommend this to those who use liquid foundation. **update** I don’t love this beautyblender. I think it’s “okay”. I do think it’s a great product that allows for a beautiful finish and I would still recommend it for those who use liquid or cream foundations. However, if you’re pressed for time like I am, this is not for you. If you like to buff, this is not for you. Of all the tools to apply foundation – fingers, foundation brush, stippling brush, kabuki brush, beautyblender – this would be my last choice.
I used the beauty blender to apply my studio fix powder. Again, it took longer to apply than when using a brush but I loved the finish. Light and even coverage, no cakiness! (check out “makeupbytiffanyd” on youtube and her latest video about how to apply powder foundation). I used the beautyblender to apply my MAC Melba powder blush and I didn’t like it. Since you stipple on the product, I basically patted on color and I had to use a kabuki brush to buff it out. I won’t be doing that again.
Where to buy: I bought mine at Sephora for $19.95. If you think you’re going to love it, I suggest buying the “beautyblender duo set” for $39.95. It comes with 2 sponges and a cleanser.

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6 Responses to Review: beautyblender

  1. For a noob, such as myself, would you recommend this or a regular brush?

    • 🙂 I totally recommend this for a newb. However, Sigma’s F80 Flat Top Kabuki is cheaper, will last longer and is even easier to use. Gah, I love that brush so much lol!
      ❤ Tinna

      • I wanted to buy this because I heard it lasts for a long time compared to disposable ones, but I was hesistating because of the price $20 (wow)
        Let me know how it goes… if you like to apply powder and blush with it

      • Yeah I think it’s cheaper to use a brush but I do like this sponge. I will most likely buy more but only use it for weekends or going out. I’ll try it with my blush today and let you know 🙂
        ❤ Tinna

      • I like it for my powder foundation but not the blush, haha I updated this post about it
        ❤ tinna

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