Valentine’s Day: Gifts for her

Hello guys! Valentine’s Day is coming up … You have some spare cash but don’t know what gift to give your loved one? In my opinion Tiffany & Co. jewelry is a great option.

I bet 90% of girls can recognize where that blue-trademark-color-box is from. (lol, I’m just saying)..

I received a lovely e-mail from Tiffany & Co. today. And this picture was attached…

Free shipping on orders over $300. You have the option to engrave  them with your name or initials (fees apply). I really like the key pendants… they’re adorable!   I ❤ cute jewelry…

 A few years ago, my Aunt Alice gave me a couple of Tiffany jewelry as birthday gifts. The Return to Tiffany™ Heart tag charm bracelet and necklace (set).  I like how she engraved them also.. I feel so special. ^^ Thank you so much, I love them! Totally recommend these:

All pictures from:

There are a lot of other newer versions, but I really like these classic ones made with stearling silver.

Tips: Be aware that there are LOTS of fake ones out there. A few years ago my cousin got me a Tiffany ring from EbaY which came inside a Tiffany box. We found out later that the ring was fake when I took it to the Tiffany store to try to fix the size (embarrassing  ><;). Don’t waste your time and money searching for cheaper ones online. Make sure you buy legit ones at Tiffany & Co.




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