Crimped Hairstyles

A few days ago I passed by Sally Beauty Supplies nearby my place, and I saw this.

HotNSilky Professional Crimping Iron| color:wine| price $26.99 (plus tax)
[It has an adjustable temperature dial, 360° swivel cord, power light, on/off button, tourmaline/ ceramic plates, 1-year limited warranty (4 stars out of 5- because the outside get pretty warm)]
I thought I’d give this crimping iron a try, so I bought it. I ended up liking it a LOT.
I looove the texture that I can create with it and it gives my hair great volume, also! (PS: there are lots of other crimping irons, with different sizes and shapes ^^)
Tips: Before using this tool, make sure your hair is well conditioned/ moisturized (this is a must if you use any kind of hot tool). And don’t forget to apply some kind of heat protectant (I use the Chi silk infusion).
This is my natural hair.. it’s straight.. fine.. and has no volume at all.. (*which is great for crimping).

-Don’t worry, I’m not “the Grudge” monster or anything. haha

Boring… I know…

Look #1: Voluminous Straight Hair

Process: Part your hair & pin it up (about 1/3 of it) and I crimp the rest. When done crimping, put all of your hair down. Your will now have a lot of body in your hair (at least 50% more volume).
The best thing about this look, is that there’s no need to tease your hair or use a bunch of hair spray. I can brush my hair easily…
This is how I look with voluminous straight hair. You can’t really see the difference here.. but in person my hair looks super big and fluffy hehe. I love big hairrr!

Look #2: All-crimped Hairstyle

It’s cute & funky. I finished crimping my entire hair in less than 10 minutes. It was so easy and fast, maybe because I don’t have that much hair…><

Process: Start at the roots, hold each section crimping it for 3~4 seconds (depending on how thick is your hair) and move down until you reach the ends. You don’t need to have any skills to do this, seriously.. just make sure you don’t burn your hair, please

Look #3 (A): Crimped hair with accessories

You can accessorize your crimped hairstyle using a headwrap (this one is from Forever 21).


Look #3 (B): You can tie your hair in pigtails (using ribbons or just elastic bands).


Look #3 (C): Or you can tie your hair in a side ponytail or a low side bun (using a cute hair tie, or just elastic bands)

Look #4: Crimped hair with soft curls

My favorite one. Two different textures come together. The result: crazy cute hairstyle! At least, I really like it.

Process: When you’re done crimping your hair, just add some curls. I used my 1″ curling iron from Hot Tools. You could also achieve this look by starting with your normal hair and then crimping and curling randomly around your hair anywhere you want them to be.

That’s it!

I know.. my hair feels so abused after all this crimping.. lol
But to make sure my hair is always silky, shiny and moisturized… I do an at-home hair treatment using a hair mask (It’s 10 Miracle Mask- I like it so I might post about it later).
If you want to have some fun hair styles with interesting textures to it, I recommend crimping your hair. It’s fun and different.. and I really love it! …
If you happen to come up with other hairstyles ideas.. please share them with me in the comments section. Thanks!

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4 Responses to Crimped Hairstyles

  1. So funky, Nina! 😀
    Your hair is soo long now! Love it!

    ❤ Tinna

  2. Helen says:

    lol! Nice! That’s so cheap! I wonder if it’ll work in my hair since I have thick hair.

    • So cheap Helenita! I like it!
      I think you can make it work, just make sure you press it down for a little longer, maybe 5 seconds ? Don’t burn your hair though!
      Good luck!

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