Circle lenses with prescription O_o

Hello girlies!

Do you want to make your eyes look prettier & more fashionable?… You might have tried the Acuvue colored ones, but do you want to get something more different?? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’ll suggest you to try Circle Lenses! (They come with prescription too!! ^^).

Circle lenses have not been approved by the FDA. Be aware that you are going to wear them at your own risk. Feel free to consult your ophthalmologist first. I’ve been wearing them for 3 years now, and I never had any problems so far.

Lady Gaga in the “Bad Romance” video

It’s not so easy to find prescription circle lenses here in the US. I couldn’t find them in Koreatown either, besides regular circle lenses. However; a few months ago, I bought my circle lenses from this website (originally from Singapore) called circlelens2u. [Let me know if you guys know any other websites, just in case].

I ordered two different styles:

Sweet Grey SGD 20.90

Ageha Blue SGD 18.90

Tips: If you decide to buy CL from this website, make sure you add 2 lenses in your cart, since they are NOT sold as a pair.

My natural eye color | Sweet Grey | Ageha Blue

My experience with Circlelens2u: I would say they are a trustworthy website. I got exactly what I ordered. Customer service was good (they responded my e-mails within a few hours). I used paypal to purchase my contacts and I think they charged me SGD 5 for shipping. It took about 10 business days for them to arrive in the USPS mail from Singapore (tracking number included). The prices are not so bad (remember: they’re supposed to last for 1 year…). The thing I like about this website is that you don’t need to submit your prescription. All you need to do is choose your degree of myopia. (they don’t carry contacts for astigmatism :/). Currency –> Singapore Dollars (exchange rate: 1 USD = 1.29 SGD- please note: rate varies from time to time)

They came in a little bottle of glass (new ones should come wrapped with an aluminum seal). I am -5.00 on both eyes (pretty bad I know ><), so I just inserted both lenses in one bottle. The total price for the 2 pairs was around US$ 60. They’re supposed to last for 1 year, but mine usually lasts for about 6 months (it depends on how often you wear them, and how well you preserve them). I can tell when it’s getting old, because it starts to feel really uncomfortable so I just throw them out.

So for an everyday use I like to wear soft clear contact lenses from Acuvue, and for special occasions I wear Circle Lenses (since it’s harder to get them and they’re more expensive).

Honestly, I can’t wait to get a Lasik surgery soon… But until then, I will continue to wear Circle Lenses ^^



PS: If you can read Korean, I recommend this website: (they carry a huge selection of circle lenses)



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6 Responses to Circle lenses with prescription O_o

  1. Ha!
    I just found another website that sells CL!

    And it says:
    “Note: All contact lenses which distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration), however, all products must be used and treated properly, or otherwise may cause damage to your eyes. In order to use color contact lenses safely and comfortably, please receive an optical chech up at your ophthalmologist before use, and follow all given instructions.”

    Sounds good.. I might give it a try…

  2. I’ve ordered from and! Both websites offer cute free gifts with purchase. pinkyparadise comes from Malaysia (or somewhere over there) and I believe lenscircle ships from the US. I liked my lenscircle free gift better 🙂 I haven’t worn those lenses yet though because I need new contact solution. They’re so cute! I love circle lenses 🙂 My favorite on you is the blue pair.

    ❤ Tinna

  3. I like the blue one too.. but I wanted to try new colors…!
    Anyway, I’ll check these websites too.
    Thanks Tinna

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