Sanitizing My Makeup Products

I wasn’t always a germaphobe but I’ve become one within the past few months. I realized there are all these germs and bacteria lurking in my makeup and I’ve been applying all that bacteria onto my face! While I wash my hands with soap or apply antibacterial gel before applying makeup, I wanted to take more steps in preventing any infections. First step to sanitizing my life was to regularly wash my makeup brushes (see previous post re: washing your brushes). Second step is tackling all the bacteria that is on my makeup products. See this article about what lurks in your makeup.

While watching one of “gossmakeupartist” videos, he recommended “Beauty So Clean” sanitizing spray. I checked out their website and decided to buy The Three Piece Cleaning System. I use the spray to clean my eyeshadows and other pressed powder products. I use the wipes for my lip glosses, lipsticks, pencils and my creamy concealers. I haven’t used the brush cleaner yet but I will use that when my Sephora cleaner runs out.

I like the spray and wipes because I can take them with me on my next beauty shopping trip and use them when testing out products. Beauty So Clean claims that its products have the right amount of alcohol and emollients as to sanitize your makeup without changing the colors or damage the products.

Beauty So Clean says they have clinically proven to kill most germs and I have chosen to believe them. I will definitely repurchase the spray and the wipes.

Here’s their website so you can read more about bacteria on makeup products and the Beauty So Clean sanitizing system.

♥ Tinna


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