BB Cream Of The Day

I’ve just started diving head first into the world of BB (Blemish Balm) cream. I’m not even going to try and go into detail about BB cream and its origin, variety, etc. Generally speaking, BB cream touts itself as skincare and makeup in one. It provides light coverage and concealment while having anti-wrinkle, whitening and SPF properties. Please google for more information.
There are SO MANY BB creams out there and it was really overwhelming to pick one. Luckily, Nina was already using A.H.C. Intense Contour Balm and recommended that one to me. I picked that up and decided to pick up other BB creams to compare and see which one I liked best. In my current collection: A.H.C. Intense Contour Balm, Missha Perfect Cover #21, Missha Perfect Cover #23, Dr. Jart Silver Label and a sample set of Skin79 BB creams that include Super+ Beblesh Balm, Super+ Triple Function, Prestige and Luminous Pearl. **I know I’m always buying stuff on Amazon but I’ve recently been made aware that there are many fake BB creams out there that look almost identical to the real thing. I will no longer buy BB creams from Amazon but I will buy from a beauty supply store or the official website for that brand.**

Swatches of BB creams. The lighting is affecting the color a little bit.

I will update with “BB Cream Of The Day” posts and hopefully I’ll be able to recommend a favorite. Stay tuned!

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

The Winner!


  • BB Cream will not look good on your skin if you have dry, flaky skin. Be sure to moisturize and apply BB cream on hydrated skin (I prefer Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre). With that said, beware if you have naturally oily/combination skin, find a BB cream that specifically controls oil.
  • Most BB Cream colors are very light and gray/ashy-based. Most creams will oxidize and match your skin color (speaking for NC30 and lighter). *Nina’s tip – if the color is too light, lightly dust bronzer all over your face.
  • As with any makeup, apply with clean hands! This is the only face makeup I prefer applying with hands because it is easier to spread and blend when your fingertips warm the product.
  • Blend the cream into your neck and into your hairline.
  • I pat a little extra cream under my eyes to brighten up my dark circles. You can also apply extra cream to areas you want more coverage.
  • BB Creams generally provide light to medium coverage. If you are looking for something more, this is not for you. There may be BB creams that offer fuller coverage, I heard Lioele’s BB creams offer more coverage than standard BB creams.
  • BB Cream is still makeup! You must wash it off every night.
  • BB Cream gives you a really matte and light-colored finish. I highly suggest you contour your face (bronzer and highlight) to add dimension.
  • There are many fake BB creams for sale online. Purchase them from an authorized dealer or directly from the company’s website.
  • I’ll try to update with more tips as I run across them!

♥ Tinna


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