2011 Trend Alert: 80’s Neon

I’m really into NEON colors these days.
According to fashion shows and some forecasting websites these colors are going to be really HOT this year.

I used the Pantone – home+fashion color specifier

I have always liked bright-neon colors because they’re so colorful, fun & edgy!

Even though I never got to wear anything bright like these colors on an everyday basis, I think that now is the right opportunity for me to do so without looking like a weirdo… Neon is so IN! ^^

I got really inspired after watching the Loewe Fashion Show for Spring 2011 Ready to Wear.

[Images: www.loewe.com]
The clothes and bags are awesome, but in this post I will focus on the eye make ups. 

The neon eyeliners that they used.. are so powerful, but yet simple and they make a really bold fashion statement. So for you girlies… who wish to try something new for this spring/summer season, I recommend these fun looks- especially for outdoor events or music festivals (e.g.: Coachella) hehe your eyes will totally pop!

 Let me digress for a little bit…

Coachella 2009… I had such a blast!! The Killers is one of my fav bands! ^^

Now going back to what I was saying… Last night, I went to Sephora and Mac at the Beverly Center with my friends Tinna & Christina. I was really excited to buy some cute Neon Eyeliners… but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that resembled the Loewe ones >< I ended up buying some glitter eyeliners instead…

I’m still hopeful that they will come out pretty soon though… I will cross my fingers! Let me know if any of you find similar color liquid eyeliners. I am really eager to try them out! I think I will have lots of fun wearing them! hehe

[I photoshopped this image using green lasers- powerful green lasers for sale: if you’re interested let me know. You can also look up on youtube.com – search vegalasers]

For now I will pretend that I have the Neon eye make-up on lol 

Have a nice day!




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4 Responses to 2011 Trend Alert: 80’s Neon

  1. Nina! I haven’t personally tried them yet but I think you should look into NYX’s jumbo eye pencils! They have a ton of colors, including bright ones that are trending for this spring. Also, their glitter liners (or glitter wands?) generally have good reviews.
    ❤ Tinna

  2. Yay! Thanks Tinna! I will check them out.
    But I wish I could buy liquid eyeliners too…

  3. kimsoozan says:

    You look good in neon make up 🙂

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