My hair transformation- Loose curl hair perm

After so many years letting my hair grow I finally decided to do something with it. It was limp and boring anyway, so I went ahead and permed it. And I am glad I did… I’m really happy with the results! My hair is soft with natural looking curls and it’s not damaged at all, yay… Thanks to Ms. Pak, my favorite hairstylist! ^^

I got really inspired by a beautiful model… Gisele Bundchen. I love her hair… it is FaBuLoUs..!!!

I have known my hairstylist Yun Pak (I call her Ms. Pak) for almost 8 years now– ever since I moved to the U.S. She has an great talent on what she does & I love how she can make me look pretty every time I pay her a visit. Recently she opened her own hair salon (called Pink Comb) so I decided to go check it out.

The place itself is cozy & cute! And it’s located in the heart of Koreatown. There’s also a parking lot in the front. I will attach the address at the end of this post.

I showed her the Gisele’s hair picture and she instantly knew what I wanted… So I let her do her magic~

The process:

I had to Photoshop a pair of sunglasses there… it’s embarrassing, you know… ><

She recommended me to do a regular perm. The whole process took about 2 hours. I had to leave permed hair unwashed on the next day, but my hair didn’t really smell that bad from the hair products… (Big plus!)

The results:

My hair was still a bit wet… Anyway, this is dear Ms Pak ^^

On my way to the club I took another picture…. my hair got dry by then and it looked even better!

My hair didn’t come out exactly like Gisele’s… but it has loose sexy curls & volume. Woohoo! XD

 Here is the Before & After pictures:

And that’s it for my hair makeover! ❤ it!

You might want to continue to reading if you have permed hair. Ms Pak gave me some tips on how to make my curls look prettier! ^^  


1) Wash hair in the morning

2) Blow-dry hair in a 3-step process: 

– Pick a few strands of hair and roll them using  your fingers 

– put the spiral hair coil inside your hand

– dry the hair that’s inside the palm of your hand (warm, low speed setting)

3) After you’re done drying your hair, apply “Brocato” Curl energizing cream on your hair (I bought it at her hair salon for $15)

I like this product because it has a good consistency.. (it’s not thick like a pomade or too watery like a hair gel), it makes your hair curlier and shinier and it smells good.

Apply Brocato scrunching your hair upwards like this:

4) Don’t brush you hair. If you wish to detangle your hair just use a large/wide toothed comb.

And that’s it!

I really recommend Ms Pak… she has a lot of experience & know-how (in cutting/ perming/ and dyeing hair for women and men also).

If you wish to make an appointment with her, here’s the info:

Pink Comb

698 S Vermont Ave #104

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Tel: 213.487.1020

Have a good one!



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12 Responses to My hair transformation- Loose curl hair perm

  1. Love the hair! So cute, I love loose wavy curls like that! My digiperm is growing out and I’m thinking of doing it again. Maybe I’ll get the digiperm soon and we can compare our hair!

    ❤ Tinna

    • Thanks Tinna!
      I like how my hair came out. You are right.. it’s wavier than curled.
      I like it that way, more naturale… heehe
      How long has it been that you permed your hair? It still looked pretty curly! Looks good on you.

  2. Helen Chung says:

    Nina ta bonita! Your lip looks bigger, did you botox it? J/k . Next time I’ll go there, your hairstylist looks good :p

  3. Gabi says:

    vc enrolou!! kkk
    gosteii!! ficou bem legal.. agora soh manter!! kkkk deve dah um trabalho neh! kkk

    • Garbii!! valeu!! Sim finalmente.. fiz algo de diferente no cabelo… tava na hora!
      Nao da trabalho nao… na verdade eh bem mais facil….
      acordo de manha, tomo banho, seco cabelo rapidinho, e coloco o creme. O cabelo fica pronto, nao preciso nem pentear! kkkkk
      Se vc vier pra ca eu podia te leva la! heheh

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  5. kimsoozan says:

    Ms. Pak did a wonderful job on your soft curls. You make me want to get some curl action on too but I’m totally scared.

  6. Those curls look amaaaaazing on you! I’m so jealous. I texturize my hair- its a little lighter than perming I guess. But I don’t really like it anymore. It’s so straight and short and…blah. I want loose curls (or at least so that when it air dries after washing it it has loose curls and not an afro.) What should I do? Also I want to fix my bangs but they’re so short right now I have no idea what to do. Should I let them grow out before trying to fix them? Help 😥

    • Hi Olivia! Nina wrote this blog post but I (Tinna) will be responding. 🙂
      Based on your profile picture (with the adorable little girl), we are of different ethnicities so I have no experience or knowledge of dealing with any other hair but my thin Asian hair. Nina talks about her loose curl perm but I had a digital perm (I did a post about it on this blog), which is a different method and slightly different look. That may work for you because a digital perm uses heat whereas Nina’s perm uses chemicals. But of course, you should ask a professional to see what would be best for your hair.
      As for your bangs, I suggest that you let it grow out. It’s an annoying process, I know..but I think that’s the best way. You’ll have more hair to play with to achieve bangs that you like after you let it grow out.

      Sorry I wasn’t too much help but I hope it helped at least a little. Let me know if you do anything to your hair! 🙂
      ❤ Tinna

  7. They look much more like wavy curls then curly curls. Eitherway they really fit you nice. Great Job

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