MAC Blot Powder/Pressed

If you have oily skin throughout the day, this blot powder may be just for you!

My skin isn’t terribly oily, especially as of late, but I would classify my skin as normal/combination with my T-Zone being the oily culprit. I don’t even remember how I came across MAC’s Blot Powder but I know I wasn’t looking for a powder, just stumbled upon it. I’m glad I found this, though!
What is it? It’s a pressed powder that is meant to soak up the oilies on your face and take away the shine. There are five colors to choose from: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Deep Dark. Don’t let those shade names fool you, there is hardly any color and you would probably need a darker shade than you think. (I am NC 30 and I use Medium Dark).
Does it work? Why, yes it does! Here’s how I tested it: I took a blotting paper and blotted one spot in the middle of my forehead to check if it was in fact oily (yes it was). I then patted on some of the powder all over my forehead using the puff that is included. I took another blotting paper and blotted another test spot. Very very little to no oil on the blotting paper. Quite amazing, I tell ya. As for taking away shine, I haven’t been shiny lately so I can’t tell you whether or not it took away my shine.
How do you use it? You can either use the included puff or a powder brush. At first, I wasn’t planning to use the puff because I felt like you would just deposit the oil from your face to your puff back to the powder. BUT, Nina told me you can wash the puff! Thanks Nina! I switch between the puff and a travel sized powder brush. You could probably use this as a setting powder over your foundation but I don’t.
Do you recommend this? Yes! I love it and I think it works great for those of us who get oily and shiny! But if you have dry skin and you don’t get shiny, there’s no point for you to buy this. This blot powder has excellent reviews on, averaging 4.46/5 among all the different shades and an average of 87.6% people would repurchase it.
Some tips: You don’t need a lot so use sparingly. Wash your puff or brush on a regular basis. When picking a shade, remember that these run really light.

Click here to purchase on the MAC website.


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