Recent Skin Improvements

Just this morning as I was applying my moisturizer, I realized that the texture of my skin has improved.  I was really happy but also confused because within the past few weeks, I’ve really changed up my routine and products so I can’t pinpoint which specific things helped my skin.
How my skin was before:
  • Relatively clear, no pimples except menstrual cycle-related
  • Whiteheads or some bumps all over my forehead and the bumps become red after I Clarisoniced my face
  • Usually combination/oily t-zone but lately my skin has been a little dry
How my skin felt lately within the past few days:
  • Really supple and soft
  • Face feels smooth as I apply moisturizer or primer or foundation
  • The bumps on my forehead are not as red after I wash my face
  • Slightly fewer bumps on my forehead and temples
New skincare products I’ve been using:
  • Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate
  • Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil
  • Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge Lotion and Night Cream
Changes to my normal skincare routine:
  • Reduced the frequency of Clarisonic use from daily to every couple of days
  • Applied two drops of the argan oil on my face morning and night, concentrating on my lower half but patting some on my forehead. This step came after Genifique
Changes to my lifestyle:
  • Changed my diet due to discomfort from a hiatal hernia. Basically I cut out foods that would give me acid (beef, donuts, cookies, whole milk, acidic vegetables and fruits, etc.)  in addition to cutting out greasy food, fried food, spicy food and alcohol except for white wine (yummy). I don’t know how long I can keep this up, I miss eating all the foods I cut out but I haven’t been feeling sick from the acid so it’s worth it.
  • Have been drinking a lot of fresh juice made from my juicer (click here to read about my juice post and some juice recipes and some more juice recipes)
  • I almost forgot, I’ve been drinking LOTS and LOTS of water every day.
I really think that the Argan Oil, my diet, increase of water intake and the fresh juice are the main contributors to my skin improvement. Also, I think using the Clarisonic every day was too harsh for my skin so reducing the frequency helped the irritation of my forehead bumps.
This is not a new thing, but I know that taking Yaz (birth control) really helped my acne. I had a lot of stress related acne until Yaz cleared the big ones up. I still occasionally get the single period-related pimple but I generally have no problems with acne.
As for the Genifique and the two lotions, I don’t think they’re really doing anything for my skin regarding fine line/wrinkle improvement. The Genifique does make my skin pretty supple but that’s about it. I continue to use all the products twice a day anyway.
I’ve been using a ton of new makeup products, testing out foundations and BB creams and I’m pleasantly surprised that my skin hasn’t freaked out. This proves to me that as long as you clean your face well every night and morning, most makeup products should not break you out unless you’re allergic to an ingredient. *I’m not saying that’s a fact, that’s my own theory*

♥ Tinna


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