Eyebrow permanent makeup

Inspiration: Megan Fox
Megan Fox is gorgeous… one of the sexiest women in the world… in my opinion. I love her eyes and she has the perfect eyebrow shape.

Hello dear readers!

A  few days ago I went to get my eyebrows tattooed (Monday Jan. 31st), and my friend Crystin Jean decided to come along and check me out. So I made an appointment at SoHo Skin Care.

If I may digress a little… I’ve been going to Soho for 1.5 years now for skin care sessions, and I have also gotten semi permanent makeup (tattoo) on my eyebrows and eyeliner there. Their prices are fairly reasonable compared to other places and I’ve never had any problems with the products they used on my face.

Recently, I’ve noticed that my eyebrows tattoo have faded away since last year. I was a little upset because semi-permanent makeup is supposed to last for a few years…  so I called them to complain about it. I went back to redo it and paid a total of $100 plus tip (that’s how much I paid last year). They actually charge $150 for eyebrows only (eyeliner tattoo costs $100) and a one time free retouch. In my case I wasn’t willing to pay more than I have before, especially because my tattoo was almost gone.

Continuing, this is how my eyebrows looked before.

Very light… and sparse… I am hiding my face with no make up

The process:

Before getting started she drew my eyebrows and applied numbing cream on top. You can draw your own eyebrows if you want. It’s up to you. After 5 minutes she started tattooing… Ouch!

Photographed by my friend CeeJay (thanks!^^)

This is the tattoo specialist/ artist (OOps, I forgot her name ><). Last year, some other girl did my eyebrows and eyeliner, but she’s no longer working there. I think I like this lady better anyway… she was really careful and took her time to do my eyebrows! And she has 10 years of experience (big plus). The place itself is clean. The whole process took about 1 hour. At the moment, she is the only permanent make up artist working at Soho (she’s available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9AM to 7PM).

My experience:

It hurts! lol… If you have gotten tattoos before and you can bear the pain… good for you! Even with the numbing cream… I couldn’t hold up a couple of teardrops. However, the pain is definitely bearable comparing to eyeliner tattoo!! I chose the color: Chocolate Brown (it’s about two shades different from my hair color) . She recommends most young people to choose this color (it maintains its original color even after it scabs and it’s one tone lighter from the darkest one (gray). She said she recommends the gray color (darkest) for older people… not sure exactly why…

So after 3 days my eyebrows looked like this:

I’ve been applying Bacitracin for 3 days (since day 1- twice daily) and then stopped (she gave me a little sample). On the day 4, I started to see my eyebrows scab a little bit (which is normal).

After 6 days…


Scabs have fallen out. My eyebrows look pretty similar to each other, but not exactly asymmetrical. Nobody has perfectly even eyebrows anyway… In a month, I’m supposed to go back and do a retouch, and that’s when I can ask her exactly how I want my eyebrows to be (thicker, longer, etc…).


So far, I am pleased with my eyebrows. I think they look much better than before especially in person. Now I have a good guideline to draw my eyebrows and I can save a lot of time shaping them. I literally take a few seconds to simply apply some brown eyeshadow with a brush and I’m done!

In a few words:

Very convenient. Time saver. Natural looking. Haven’t had any allergic reactions. It’s worth the pain!

I hope this time my permanent make up will last longer… or at least for a few years! I def recommend eyebrow tattoo for people who have very light eyebrows, or over plucked them or to simply have natural looking eyebrows without wearing makeup.

Soho Skincare

3511 West Olympic Boulevard #201 (2nd floor)

Los Angeles, CA 90019

(213) 368-0909

Click here to read about Tinna’s eyebrow threading experience.

Have a good one!



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7 Responses to Eyebrow permanent makeup

  1. eeeeek! Looks painful haha!
    I’m so glad you’re back Nina! The blog missed you 😀

  2. Looks good, very natural. Id shy away from tattooing my face though .. the pain the pain….

  3. hey Tinna! I’ll try to be around more often!^^

  4. kimsoozan says:

    That does look painful. I don’t mind tattoos on my body but the face looks extremely painful. I want to try it one of these days though.

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  6. Permanent makeup Los Angeles can be painful even after the topical anesthetic. However, as you say, the savings in time is worth it. Especially if you get permanent eyebrows Los Angeles, eyeliner and lip liner. Avoiding multiple makeup reapplications can save you considerable time every day. Thanks for such a good “first person” article on permanent makup Los Angeles.

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