Nordstrom Rack Sells Stila Cosmetics!

Random right? We made an impulse stop at Nordstrom Rack because my bf wanted to check out their shoes. I was shocked when I saw Stila Cosmetics for sale. I was even more shocked to see the low prices! Guess how much I got this for…
$9.97 plus tax!! Ok, I just checked Sephora’s website and it’s on sale for $12 so I’m a tad less excited than I was 2 minutes ago. LOL! Still, that’s so cheap and I had to buy one for me and one for Nina!
They’re not spectacular lip glosses or anything. The pink colors are very wearable, mostly because there’s not much pigment to them. I had to apply Aquaphor with the lip gloss because they’re too sticky for me. Then again, I hate any sort of stickiness (Make Up For Ever lip glosses are not sticky at all, love them).
If you ever happen to be at Nordstrom Rack, check out their beauty/cosmetics section. I noticed they sold a lot of Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, some fragrances and Stila Cosmetics. They had several eyeshadow palettes, holiday edition I believe, and some products from a Barbie collection (I don’t know about it).

♥ Tinna


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One Response to Nordstrom Rack Sells Stila Cosmetics!

  1. Hello Tinna!
    I wanted to thank you for the gift! awww, you didn’t have to….
    Anyway, can’t wait to try them.!
    Nice colors and cute packaging!^^

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