Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream Triple Functions

If you have been keeping up with my BB Cream Of The Day posts, then you know that Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream Triple Functions ended up being my favorite. If not, please read my post about finding my favorite BB cream. Now, I want to really focus on why I love this BB cream so much. 
Packaging: As you can see in the picture above, it comes in a hot pink tube container with a pump on top. Pumps are my favorite as they are much more hygienic than tubs or pots. The diameter of the container is much wider than a MAC foundation or MUFE foundation but it’s relatively short. It may be too wide for a small makeup bag.
Texture, Color, Coverage, Finish: The texture of this BB cream is not too thick and it’s very easy to blend. It’s creamier than my A.H.C. Intense Contour Balm and has a moisturizing feel to it. The color is darker than the average BB cream which is great for people like me (NC30). BB creams tend to be on the lighter side but this color is perfect for me without even having to wait for it to oxidize. If it’s a little too dark or a little too light for you, you can adjust the color with your setting powder. The coverage is very sheer. It evens out my skintone but don’t expect this to cover anything. This is great for everyday wear to the office or school but for when I go out, I would use a foundation.The finish is the least matte of all the BB creams I have tried. I wouldn’t call it dewy though. It looks very natural on the skin.

Some swatches of the BB creams I have tried out.

Functions: The website boasts several functions of this BB cream (why is it called triple function? I don’t know). Controls sebum (oil), retains moisture, whitens (when Asian products claim to have “whitening” properties, they mean evening out spots or scars, not lightening your skin color), anti-wrinkle and sun protection. You can use this product as a base makeup under your regular foundation or alone for minor coverage. I haven’t used this long enough to know if it whitens or helps with wrinkles, but this definitely does moisturize while keeping you less oily then other BB creams.
Tips: I use less than a full pump of product, almost a pea-sized amount. You could layer on more where you want more coverage. BB cream is best applied with fingers because you warm it up as you spread it on your face. In my experience with any BB creams, it’s best to apply it over a moisturized face. Always wash your face every night because BB creams are still makeup.
Conclusion: I really love this BB cream. I love it for the color, the texture and the SPF even though I still wear sunscreen underneath. The website claims this is good for normal to combination skin and I would agree although I think dry-skinned ladies can use this as well. I highly recommend this BB cream if you are within a close range of NC30 or if you have a light-medium/medium skintone. This BB cream won’t keep you completely oil-free but relatively less oily than from other products. While I’m still open to trying other BB creams, this is definitely my favorite one for the timebeing. Even my boyfriend noticed and complimented me when I wore this BB cream. He said it looks nice and natural. 🙂 I tried taking before and after pictures this morning but in the pictures, my face looks the same!! lol I need to play around with the settings to be able to show the difference because there is a slight difference with the BB cream on. I’ll try to update this post with before/after photos soon.
Where to buy and price: Beware that there are fake Skin79 BB creams that are being sold on the internet. I purchased mine from Skin79 USA website. It costs $29.00 and includes free shipping and a free face wash. They ship from Las Vegas, NV so it only took 2-3 days to arrive to my house which was awesome. There are other various e-tailers that sell this product and other Skin79 BB creams as well.

♥ Tinna


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9 Responses to Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream Triple Functions

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  2. Cute bottle!
    This BB cream seems interesting~
    I might buy this one after I’m done with my bb cream!

    • I LOVE it Nina!!! lol You can try some of mine next time I see you. oh and hey you know what’s funny..Today I decided to use A.H.C. but this time I used it after applying Embryolisse. I love it!! It looks so much better than when I wear it without the Embryolisse cream because it looked so dry before. I’m always changing my mind haha!

      • lol!….
        I will never give up on my AHC BB cream… because I really love it, and it’s really good for my oily/combo skin…
        But, I am willing to try new products, especially if you recommend it!
        btw, what is embryolisse? is it like a face moisturizer?

      • It’s known as a miracle cream, haha! Moisturizer, primer out even makeup remover. My skin has been dry lately sooooo the Embryolisse really helps to moisturize and makes bb creams and foundations apply so much more nicely. I really really like it!

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