*Hair Tinsels*

Hello girlies!

I just wanted to show you something that I had done on my hair while I was in Las Vegas this past weekend. It’s a temporary hair extension called Hair Tinsel a.k.a. hair bling, hair flairs, sparkly strands, etc…

It comes in lots of different colors…

[Source: Hair Flairs]

I think these colors are pretty cute: sparkle gold, hot pink fuchsia, sparkle silver, chocolate brown…

At the Fashion Show mall there was a little stand that sold these, and they charged $40 for 4 strands. However, you can find them at hairflairs.com for $10 (100 strands per color + free shipping).

This is how I look:

Color: Sparkle Chocolate Brown

They’re supposed to last for a few weeks. You can wash your hair, blow dry it and even use the flat and curling iron.

Here’s a vid on youtube that shows how-to directions.

By the way, Beyonce looks great with her gold hair tinsels!

I like Hair Tinsels… I just ordered a pack of the sparkle chocolate brown at Hair Flairs. 🙂
I recommend these fun temporary extensions if you want to add a bit of glam to your hair, or for a special occasion, parties, etc…

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2 Responses to *Hair Tinsels*

  1. I love your hair in the picture!!
    ❤ Tinna

  2. Thanks!
    This is not a good picture to show my little hair tinsel though.. kkkk! the flash came out way too bright.
    Oh well…

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