Review: Zoya remove+ Nail Polish Remover

For the past month at least, I’ve been wearing nail polish every day and changing the color every 4 days or so. When I first bought some nail polish to start my collection, I bought the Sephora nail polish remover since I was already ordering from Sephora. Yuck! It had an oily residue and it would make the polish color bleed onto my fingers and stain for a day. I lived with it because I thought that was normal.
A while ago,  Zoya gave away free nail polishes (see my haul here). While I was on the website choosing colors, I decided to try out their nail polish remover. So glad I did!

Image Source: Zoya

Packaging: It comes in an 8oz flipper container which is so convenient. You basically flip up the top, rotate it then use a cotton pad and push down on the top for the remover to come out. Hopefully you’re not as absent-minded as I am because I forget to rotate the top back to the closed position and I spill product when I push the lid closed.
What it does: It is marketed as a 3-in-1 product. It removes nail polish, nourishes the nail and preps the nail for the next application.
Conclusion: I love this nail polish remover and I have no intentions of using a different brand, ever. There is no smell that is typical of acetone removers. It doesn’t dry out your nails or cuticles (you know how you have that tight feeling in your nails after using remover? not with Zoya!). The nail polish doesn’t bleed onto my nails. There is no oily residue. The container is awesome. The remover is very effective in removing nail polish.
Where to buy: Purchase Zoya’s remove+ from their website for $9.99 plus tax and shipping.
Other Zoya products: Don’t even get me started on their nail polishes. Zoya was smart to have this Facebook giveaway because I have never even heard of them until someone told me about the giveaway. Now I am hooked! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and very opaque (at least the ones I have). They only cost $7 each and they do not chip for several days, provided you use base coat and top coat. I’m wearing Chanel nail polish right now and it chipped so much faster than my Zoya nail polish. Some of you may appreciate that Zoya Nail Polish is natural – free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.
My nails are short and simple but I do like them with color. Check out Nina’s post about nail art, she’s so creative and talented!

♥ Tinna


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