FAIL: Stila Smudge Pot

I bought Stila Smudge Pot in black to use as a gel eyeliner. It was recommended to me because the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner was out of stock at the Sephora store.


What it is: It can be used as an eye shadow or gel eyeliner and comes in (8) colors. It comes in a glass jar with a twist off lid. It costs $20 at Sephora.
How I use it: I take the end of my eyeliner brush, either my Bobbi Brown or Sephora, and scoop out some of the product and put it on the back of my hand. I do this to keep my Smudge Pot hygienic and long-lasting. I use the eye liner after primer and eye shadow then I put black powder eye shadow on top to set it.
Formula: It’s very creamy and pigmented. Color payoff is excellent.
Why is it a FAIL? Keep in mind I’ve only used this as an eye liner. Even though I took the proper steps of priming and setting, the color smudges everywhere! Under my lower lash line, in my epicanthic fold and in the outer corners of my eyes. Then when I try to rub off the color that smudged, I have a hard time getting it off! It’s like, so NOW you want to stay put?!?! I need a gel eye liner that doesn’t smudge and Stila Smudge Pot just doesn’t cut it for me. Since I have so much left, I’ll use it as a base when I wear dark eye shadow colors.
I’ve tried Bobbi Brown gel eye liner many years ago and I remember it smudging a bit on me too. I think I’ll try MAC’s Fluidline next. Wish me luck! 🙂 or better yet, let me know if you have a recommendation for gel eye liners.

♥ Tinna


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8 Responses to FAIL: Stila Smudge Pot

  1. kimsoozan says:

    Can’t you return it since you bought it at Sephora? I use a $7-8 jetliner by Sorme and I can’t use anything else. Once it’s set and dries out it doesn’t smudge at all. Having small eyes sucks because you can only use certain types of products for your eyes. I have extras so I will give you one to try out.

    • Yeah but I bought it a few months ago and finally came to the conclusion that I hate it lol. I’ll have to look into Sorme, sounds great! Do you have the same eyes I do? Like double eyelid but with the epicanthic fold? Drives me nuts haha. Thanks for the sample!!! 🙂
      ❤ Tinna

  2. kimsoozan says:

    From the look of your mascara pic I’m pretty sure we have the same kind of fold but your eyes might be slightly bigger than mine. Trust me I’ve tried so many expensive eyeliners that are smudge proof but it was not so smudge proof for my small Asian eyes. My friend actually introduced me to Sorme several years ago and I have not bought or thought about purchasing a different eyeliner.

  3. kimsoozan says:

    Ps I’ve return stuff to Sepora without receipts before so I’m pretty sure you can return your unsatisfied purchase with a receipt. They are known to have a pretty lenient return policy.

  4. I don’t get along with gel eyeliners either….
    I like the Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner or the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner! I want to try the Sorme though since it looks good on Susan!

  5. rochelle says:

    i used smudge pots long long ago.. i don’t remember them being a fail. but i swear by MAC fluidline!! its the fucking best!

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