Start of the LATISSE journey!

My “sister-in-law” has been using a product to make her lashes grow and they really look thick and longer! She recommended Latisse to me so I’ve decided to try it out. I’ve complained on this blog before about my sparse, thin and short Asian eyelashes. I would absolutely love longer and thicker eyelashes!  

For all information about Latisse, check out their website. I don’t want to accidentally post incorrect information. So please, check out their official website linked above. 

I will post updates with progress photos. From what I’ve read, one can’t notice a difference until a few months of usage as directed.Full results are expected at 16 weeks. I don’t foresee myself having a problem with consistently applying Latisse every day since I perform my skincare routine religiously every day.
Some facts/tips:
  • Latisse is available by prescription or at a dermatologist’s office.
  • My prescription was $110 from Costco
  • It is recommended by many people to use a thin eyeliner brush in lieu of the applicators that are included with Latisse. Supposedly less product is wasted this way and you can make the product last longer.
  • There are risks and side effects! I choose to use Latisse at my own risk.
  • Be consistent and follow the directions.

Yay, I’m excited!!!

♥ Tinna


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3 Responses to Start of the LATISSE journey!

  1. I want to try that! my eyelashes are too short
    Let me know if it works!!


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