♡ Feather Hair Extensions ♡


Hello girlies!

Celebrity Inspiration: Ke$ha

I got feather extensions on my hair today! They’re super cool and very popular nowadays. You can have these done at a hair salon or you can buy feathers on etsy, ebay, hair flairs, etc… and make your own feather clip or you can give yourself a feather hair extension. I just clamped feather extensions onto my hair and it wasn’t so hard. The total cost was $20 (+/-)  and I am really happy with the results. You can flat iron, blow dry and iron curl your feather extensions and they can last up to 6 months. If you wish to take them off you can do so by using a plier. And you can always reuse your feathers later.

I recommend them if you want quick fun hairdo for a night out or outdoor festival. Feathers are def the hottest hair extension trend going on right now~!

I purchased my feather set from phatcatpatch @ etsy.com (4 different colors paired with 1 skinny and 1 thick feather for each color). Total quantity: 16 pieces.

Feathers LOT L –  $10.99 (plus $1.50 shipping)

I also bought hair extension links ($12-sale) and snap clips ($1.99) @ Sally Beauty Supplies. If your hair is blond, red, or light brown you can buy beige or brown hair links/ clips instead of the black ones.

It took me about 30 minutes to apply about 10 of them on my hair. Make sure the feathers are right side up (faded side down).

I also made a clip-on feather clip:

Materials: industrial strength glue, scissors, felt, snap on clips, needle and thread, and the remaining feathers.


Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of felt with the same size as the clip. (you can use any kind of fabric you want)

Step 2: Sew one piece of felt on the back of the clip using the needle and thread (note: clip comb has to be on the outside)

Step 3: Glue feathers onto the felt using industrial strength glue (you can use glue gun if you want, not too much though) & attach the other piece of felt on top of it for a clean finish look.

And you’re done! Just let it air dry for at least 24 hours before using it.

End result:

Fabulous make up artist Kandee Johnson shows step-by-step instructions on how to clamp feathers on your hair:


Naked Eyeshadow Pallete (i love it!)

Would you wear this new hair trend?!

*Update*: I highly recommend that you to wear the clip on feather extension instead of the links extensions (even though in my opinion the links extensions did look better on my hair). Reason: I had a hard time taking those the links out of my hair and accidentally pulled a few hairs. My boyfriend ended up having to help me out to break the links that were completely smashed onto my hair (as I tried to “unclamp” the links using a plier they ended up getting smashed) … It might be this specific brand, but I’m not sure. I rather stick with my clip on feather extensions from now on. If you still want to wear links feather extension, do it at your own risk.




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7 Responses to ♡ Feather Hair Extensions ♡

  1. Helen Chung says:

    hahahah!! Nice! Good idea!

  2. Nina! I want!!! lol I might look silly on my construction jobsite with it but I still want it! 🙂 I’m going to try it out. Eeek, wish me luck. I’m terrible with DIY things.
    ❤ Tinna

    • Tinna, do it!!
      But, I recommend you to get the clip-on extensions!!
      If you buy the same links brand that I bought you might have the same problem. It’s really a pain in the *** to take them off! kkkk

  3. ooo these are super cute! love your hair with the waves too~!

  4. Jackie says:

    These are so cute!! And you video helped me so much

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