Purely Cosmetics Haul

Purely Cosmetics

Years ago, I tried Bare Minerals and hated it. In fact, I bought the set and tried it multiple times, hating it each time. Why didn’t I learn my lesson the first time? I suppose it was just so popular I was trying to convince myself to like it. After several failures of Bare Minerals, I swore off mineral makeup for good.
As I was browsing the beauty blogging world, I came across Purely Cosmetics in one particular blogger’s top 10 list. I checked out the Purely Cosmetics website and found that they sold sample jars of their foundations! I love that and so I was even more interested to try it out. I did some google research to find good reviews and that is what I found :). There is not too much information about Purely Cosmetics but the reviews I did find raved about the foundations.
Purely Cosmetics include powder foundation, skin smoothing foundation (for dry skin), color correctors, primers, finish powders and oil-absorbing silk powder. They also sell eyeshadows, blushes, brushes and accessories.
I ordered a 3-pack of samples with Maria and Cornsilk Skin Smoothing Foundations and Cornsilk Pure Mineral foundation. The company was very nice to include a sample of their Diamond Perfect Finish, which includes real diamonds! You can see in the picture above how adorable the packaging is. The sample jars are really cute and they include candies! Haha, I think that’s so cute.
Initial thoughts: I tried the Skin Smoothing Foundation in Maria today and the color matched pretty well. I’ll have to save Cornsilk for when I am a little more tan. It really evened out my skin and I was amazed how it made my skin look while not looking heavy or fake. I’m liking it so far. After I try it out a few more times, I think I will purchase the full size foundation.
Random facts: Shipping was around $5. They ship from Ventura County so I received it on Saturday when I ordered it late Thursday night. They have free shipping over $60.
Please check out their website! You can browse their products, directions on how to apply and even help on finding your shade! You can also see the list of ingredients, which is natural and minimal. Also, Robyn is very sweet. I twittered about my purchase and she responded right away! I love when people are responsive on Twitter! 🙂

♥ Tinna


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