iVOGUE store on Melrose

Hello dear readers,

I found a fabulous women’s clothing store called iVOGUE while walking down Melrose Avenue over the weekend.
As you can see… It’s located right next to Foreign Exchange.
They just opened this store a couple of days ago, according to the sales person.
Here’s the business card:
I think they used to have another store down the street….? I’m not sure…
But anyway, if you happen to be in Melrose (L.A.) I def recommend you to pass by this store.
They carry awesome fashion clothes and accessories with affordable prices…
Let me show you some stuff that I bought:
1) mc hammer pants (lol) just kidding..
I LOVE these Harem Pants! The print is really cool and these pants fit me so well… these are the best fitting harem pants evar!
2) Solid/ Stripe knit
Overall it has a light grey color, even though it looks like a two-tone knit in the picture. It’s so comfy and it looks really cute on. It’s great lightweight casual knit for spring.
3) Off-white sleeveless top
This top is a little pricey, but I love the zipper details and the fabric mix and match. The quality is really good too, and it doesn’t look cheap at all.
They probably still have all these items in store if you are interested in checking them out, including a lot of other fabulous stuff!
I will be visiting this store again next time I go to Melrose! I iVOGUE.
happy shopping!

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2 Responses to iVOGUE store on Melrose

  1. FashionStorm says:

    Wow!!!! I like the top!!!
    Boa dica!!!

    Vivi – FashionStorm

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