Bloomingdales Haul! Chanel + MAC

I’ve never purchased or even tried Chanel makeup before and I wanted one of their popular foundations to be my first purchase! Then somehow..I ended up with more than just a foundation, haha. I love what I bought so far and I can’t wait to try out more Chanel products.

What it is: Chanel’s newest foundation, Vitalumiere Aqua, is oil-free, has SPF 15 and is marketed as being like one’s second skin.
Why I like it: I love how light it felt when he applied it and he showed me that I can build up the coverage easily. We both agreed it was a good color match (B30).
Packaging: The packaging is plastic which may seem a little cheap for Chanel but I like it because I tend to drop and break things in glass bottles.
Tip: Because this foundation is oil-free, don’t set it with powder in areas that don’t get oily. The SA advised that if you do, the foundation can accentuate lines and wrinkles because it can be drying. I plan to only powder my forehead and my nose. With that being said, this foundation is great for those who have normal to oily skin types. Because I’m still a little dry, I will make sure my skin is hydrated before applying. Also, shake well before pouring out foundation. 
Well since I was already there anyway….;) I will be doing a separate post on this product soon.

What it is: Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in #75 Dragon. It’s a liquid with the intensity of a lipstick.
Ok, ok and one more thing…
I have a couple of MAC lipsticks but I have come to the conclusion that I dislike MAC lipsticks because they feel so drying (maybe just the ones I have). So I asked if they had a moisturizing lipstick in a low key color I can wear during the day.

What it is: Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF 15 in #99 Tazmania. It has a shimmer/glitter finish.
Why I like it: My lips felt moisturized with this lipstick on. I liked that I could rub my lips together as if I had chapstick on and it would feel “juicy”. I took it off shortly after but I will post a review soon after I figure out lasting power and whatnot.
Packaging: I love the simple and classic look of the packaging! It reminds me of an old-school lipstick, something that our moms would have on her vanity and we would admire and wish we could try on!
Since my Stila Smudgepot was a fail as a gel eyeliner, I bought MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack to try out. I picked up MAC’s 266 Small Angle Brush to go along with it. I hope this works out! 🙂 

Happy Shopping! ♥ Tinna


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8 Responses to Bloomingdales Haul! Chanel + MAC

  1. rosheeye says:

    i hope you love fluidline!!

  2. BS blog says:

    Same with the perfumes, LOL. You’re buying a product of a brand, and after that another and another… It’s an addiction …

  3. Chanel packaging is so chic!

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  5. baezdenise says:

    i have not tried MAC’S Fluidline yet, but i have seen a lot of makeup tutorials on youtube, and i’ve heard good things about it:) also, the 266 brush is usually recommended.:)

    • I’ve tried it for a few days now and it’s better than Stila Smudgepot but still not completely smudgeproof. It is pretty good, not as much eyeliner runs down to below my eyes. One thing that is disappointing is the color, I find that it is not black or opaque enough. The 266 brush so far has been great! Thank you for reading our blog! 🙂
      ❤ Tinna

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