DIY Natural Face Masks – 1 Ingredient Each!

I came across this cool article on Yahoo today (link here) about do-it-yourself face masks that are natural, cheap, can be found in your home and only have 1 ingredient!

I’ve heard of most of these masks except grapes, milk and bananas. Never woulda thunk it.


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I will try the honey mask as I’ve heard great things about it. Can I put peanut butter on too? I eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches for breakfast almost every day ;).

Olive oil falls in line with the oil cleansing method I’ve been meaning to try. I will post on that soon.


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6 Responses to DIY Natural Face Masks – 1 Ingredient Each!

  1. Another good one is lemon. You can either rub a slice of lemon on your face or dab a cotton ball in some fresh juice to reduce shine and even out your skin tone. Be warned that it can also cause some stinging from the acid & vitamin C if you have sensitive skin. One thing that Yahoo link failed to mention about honey is that it is antibacterial and thus, excellent for clearing blemishes. To double its power, crush up an aspirin tablet and add to the honey (making sure not to add too much aspirin or it’ll get too dry).

  2. Tinna, let me know if you like this homemade mask~
    I’m eagerly waiting for your feedback!! kkkk

  3. baezdenise says:

    i love peanut butter n honey sandwiches too!! 🙂

    • SOO delicious!!! lol. I came across this one recipe I really liked: peanut butter/honey/banana slices sandwich and you lightly fry it in canola spray on a pan to make the bread crispy. Heaven, I tell ya. 🙂
      ❤ Tinna

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