Trim Your Own Side-Swept Bangs

It took me forever..but I finally decided to trim my own bangs. I usually go to my hair stylist (who is amazing, btw) every few weeks just to trim my bangs but I decided to save some time and money and do it myself. 
I went to Sally Beauty Supply today and picked up some hair trimming supplies (among other fun stuff). I bought Personna Flare Razor ($21.99) and Sheer Glory Styling Shears ($11.99).


Image Source: Sally Beauty Supply

Image Source: Sally Beauty Supply

Then I followed Kandee Johnson’s video on how to trim bangs:

Kandee Johnson is so talented and she makes makeup and hair look easy! Anyway, I used the razor to trim my bangs per Kandee’s video then I used the shears to trim the random long hairs I missed. Turned out okay, I still need practice, haha. I will definitely continue to trim my bangs this way! Thanks Kandee!
Items at Sally Beauty Supply are usually cheaper if you have the Sally Beauty Club Card. I actually paid $19.99 for the razor and $10.99 for the shears.

♥ Tinna


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