Is Wearing Foundation Everyday Bad?

I went to see a dermatologist the other day because I have so many questions that I wanted personalized answers for, not from some random articles I found on Google.

One of my questions was: Is wearing foundation every day bad for your skin? Does your skin need to “breathe”?

My dermatologist’s answer: If your foundation is non-comedogenic then it is okay to wear foundation every day.
My own theory, not backed by science or proof: As you’re going about your day, you skin is constantly trying to fight against environmental elements, pollution and other toxins. A lightweight, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and fragrance-free foundation can help by acting as a barrier. The most important time for your skin to heal and renew itself is when you’re sleeping at night. Therefore, your nighttime skin care routine is very important because that’s when you thoroughly clean off all your makeup and prepare your skin for (hopefully) 8 hours of uninterrupted skin regeneration.
I like wearing BB cream or Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua during the day because they provide light coverage while evening out my skin tone. While I don’t NEED foundation, I like the polished look of it on my face. I see no harm in wearing a lightweight foundation every day as long as you thoroughly remove it at night. I recommend a cleansing oil but a makeup remover wipe will suffice. I see my nighttime skin care routine as a time to pamper my skin so I really enjoy going through the routine, regardless of how many steps are included (6-7 steps).

*phew* ♥ Tinna


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2 Responses to Is Wearing Foundation Everyday Bad?

  1. kindrathings says:

    Great post!! I try my best to spot the foundation, versus full coverage and that has helped alot with oil & breakouts. Plus, a face cleanser with salicylic acid does wonders too. Thanks for sharing:-)

    • Thank you! The internet never gave me a clear answer so I just had to ask an expert! Haha and also the Chanel SA recommended spot applying the foundation also, a great tip. Thank you!
      ❤ tinna

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