Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Acid

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid aka AHA? AHA’s are a compound of chemicals that are available either over the counter in low concentrations (5%-10%), applied by a licensed cosmetic professional in medium concentrations (10%-20%) or  applied by a doctor in high concentrations (50%-70%). The main purpose of AHA’s is exfoliation. As we age, our skin cells regenerate less frequently and AHA’s help to exfoliate dead skin cells and allows generation of new, improved skin.
Reported benefits of AHA: Improves skin pigmentation, improves fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, combats acne

Very important: Side effects include: 1) skin irritation and 2)increased sensitivity to the sun. 1)Gently pat on a little bit of AHA at a time, starting with a very small amount then gradually increasing the amount until your skin gets used to it. My skin went through a short purging period with bumps before clearing up with continued use of AHA. 2)Always apply sunscreen every day! Can’t stress that enough. 

Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Image source: walgreens.com

This has been one of the best additions to my skincare routine. It is effective and so cheap ($6.99)! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to help clear up acne or improve skin texture. Click the link above and read the 5 star reviews.
It has a very light texture, not cream-like at all, that absorbs really easily. You only need a small amount to pat on gently all over your face. If you read my skincare routine, I apply this after I apply serum and before my other moisturizers. My boyfriend has acne-prone skin and he really loves this product. It really helped to clear up his skin and I also believe that it helped clear mine!
For the first few days, my skin reacted and went through a “purging” process but after that, everything was good. Also, when you are first applying it, it stings a little bit. The stinging will go away when your skin gets used to the AHA.
It’s really exciting to find something that actually WORKS. I hope this works for you if you try it!

♥ Tinna


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