Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

I must painfully admit that I am easily convinced by Youtube people to purchase their favorite products. This is one of those products, recommended by “nurberxo”.

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I just received it today and was excited to try it. Boscia claims a lot of great benefits, check out the Sephora product description here. I basically wanted it for its “purifying” properties.

How I applied it: I took a cheap foundation brush and applied the product over my freshly cleansed face. I let it dry for 18 minutes. I peeled off what I could, which was about 90% of it all. I then used warm water to get off the little pieces that wouldn’t peel off. Then I applied Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and then Walgreen’s AHA.
Initial results: My face feels nice and smooth, especially on my nose where the mask pulled out all the gunk. ew! I don’t see any results yet as this is my first use.
Lessons learned/tips:
  1. Do NOT be cheap and stingy. Apply a generous amount because that will aid in an easy peel-off. If you only apply a thin layer, it will be difficult to pull off. I had trouble at the edges where the mask was too thin.
  2.  Do not put anywhere near the eyebrows, under your eyes or near any hairline. 
  3. Wait until the mask is completely dry. Some patches that I applied too much product on wasn’t dry and I couldn’t peel it off. I had a hard time washing it off with warm water. 
  4. Don’t leave on too long. I’ve read how some people left it on too long and it burned their skin.
  5.  I recommend applying with a cheap foundation brush. It was easy to apply, my fingers stayed clean and it was easy to wash off the brush. 
  6. My eyes watered a little but it went away pretty quickly.
I’ll update this post when I’ve used it a few more times to let you know if I see any more results!

♥ Tinna


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2 Responses to Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

  1. This brings back painful memories of the cucumber masks I bought as a teenager that were peel off. They were clear, so it looked like you were peeling off your own skin (and hurt too!).

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