Review: blinc Mascara

My friends and family know how much I love makeup so this year for my birthday, I received several Sephora gift cards (woo hoo) and my sister-in-law bought me a mascara that she loves, blinc Mascara. Click here for blinc’s product description.

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What it does:  This mascara forms “tubes” around each eyelash and claims to add length and volume to one’s lashes. Also, this mascara is not supposed to flake, smudge or clump up. Instead of using a makeup remover to wash off this mascara, all you need to do is use warm water and gently slide off the tubes.
Actual results:
  1. [GOOD] The mascara definitely lengthened my lashes, which are growing with the help of Latisse (read my week 7 update here).
  2. It did not flake throughout the day until after my workout. Which leads us to..
  3. [BAD] There were little flakes below after working out at the gym (pic below).
  4. blinc does not add any volume to my eyelashes. My lashes looked too natural for my taste.
  5. It does not hold a curl. After I curl my eyelashes, apply blinc and let it dry, my lashes are slightly lifted above the lashline but they are straightened out.

This is after a day of work and a workout at the gym. Notice the flakes.

Tubes after removing them from lashes. I accidentally took out a few of my eyelashes the first time.

Conclusion:  I’m very grateful for this gift but I would not repurchase this. It’s not a bad mascara at all, but it is my personal preference to have thicker, more dramatic lashes when I wear mascara. Also, it doesn’t hold a curl like my beloved Maybelline The Falsies does.
This mascara will be good for the following types of people: 1) those who want length but are not particularly concerned with volume   2) those who like a more natural look  3) those who work long days and do not want to worry about flaking
Tips:  1) Read the instructions carefully for application and removal!   2) It is easier to remove the mascara in the shower.  3) Don’t pull on your eyelashes too hard! I pulled some out the first time.
Where to buy:  blinc’s website for $25

♥ Tinna


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